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Ok Mystic Meg, get your ball out.
2019 will be the year of..🤔

We often get asked how listeners can support the show financially. While we appreciate the kind offers, we're lucky to not need those donations. We have instead each selected a charity who would certainly benefit if you had some spare change. Thank you. ♥️

Well, that was pretty conclusive! Thanks for voting everyone. We'll plan a pub/restaurant get together for the new year, ahead of the "Will they, won't they?" for season twelve! :D

We're considering a UK Get Together 🤝 with listeners. What type of event would you go to? Here's a non-binding referendum 🗳 to help decide. Other suggestions, leave a comment. ✏️

Season 11 Episode 37 - Thirty Seven: Essays On Life, Wisdom, And Masculinity

Great interview with about Juno and the future. Give it a listen!
RT Season 11 Episode 32 - Thirty-Two Going on Spinster


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S10E10 – Miniature Blushing Steel

This week we interview Joey Sneddon, editor of OMG! Ubuntu! We also discuss ripping audio from an Android app, removing dust from a PC, bring you some GUI Love and go over your feedback.

S10E09 – Elfin Moaning Wine

This week we’ve been teaching kids to program, tinkering with GNOME and Microsoft released Windows 10 S. Intel have a security vulnerability in it’s Active Management Technology and Google have EOL’d all their Nexus devices.

S10E08 – Rotten Hospitable Statement

We discuss what is going on over at System76 with Emma Marshall, help protect your bits with some Virtual Private Love and go over your feedback.

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