Apologies listeners! 😧 @m_wimpress@twitter.com forgot to attach the brilliant picture of "Mark's House" as illustrated by Jason Armstong to the show notes for S12E10😖 Here's that picture for those that requested it and S12E10 has been updated 👌 ubuntupodcast.org/2019/06/13/s

It's podcast recording night. We need help though! Got a "Command Line Love" we can use in the show? If you've learned some cool new utility you'd like to share, let us know!

C:\> _

Ubuntu Podcast are very nearly ready for our @FOSS_Talk@twitter.com Live show taking place at @TheHarrisonFolk@twitter.com tonight. And don't worry, we've brought the biscuits 😁

We're joining the hunt for again! Got a spare CPU core (or more) you can join Team @ubuntupodcast@twitter.com :). Simply:

snap install superperms

superperms team "Ubuntu Podcast"

Thanks to @diddledan@twitter.com for making the snap built from the source at github.com/superpermutators/su !

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