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Ubuntu Podcast is now available on Spotify 🍾 🎉 Follow us to get your weekly dose of news, discussion, interviews and reviews from the , Linux 🐧 and Open Source world -

We discuss migration password managers, upgrades, news, community goings-on and an event! Listen!

We're back! This week, becoming an member, working for and all the news that's fit to print!

13 years ago today, the was born. 👶
Now we're old enough to have a social media account! 🎂

[Question] Hey regular listeners!
What should we change about podcast when we come back for season 14?
What should we keep the same?
Inquiring presenters must know!

Curry consumed! We're coming back for season 14!
What should we do with the theme tune? 🤔

Our friends and sponsors at now offer discounts on their fine Virtual Private Servers to developers of significant open source projects. Details here:

Hey! How are you? Good?
We sat down in various hues of light to record another chatty podcast for you. We hope you listen and enjoy it, and it makes your day better. It did for us.

This week we’ve been upgrading our GPUs. We discuss our experiences using eye-oh-tea devices, bring you some command line love and go over all your wonderful feedback.

It's that time again! This week and discuss all things , news and more! Listen now!

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