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Ubuntu Podcast is now available on Spotify 🍾 🎉 Follow us to get your weekly dose of news, discussion, interviews and reviews from the , Linux 🐧 and Open Source world -

This week we’ve been upgrading our GPUs. We discuss our experiences using eye-oh-tea devices, bring you some command line love and go over all your wonderful feedback.

It's that time again! This week and discuss all things , news and more! Listen now!

Another is out! Featuring 3 aged nerds talking about ye olde days. It was all trees round here you know? Get off my lawn! etc.

Hey there! It's time for another Podcast episode with and . This week they talk about something, discuss stuff, and you know, basically chatter about all sorts of things. You should listen.

This week on Podcast we discuss retro gaming, all the news that's fit to print and updates in the Ubuntu community.

(Sorry for being 21 hours late)

This week we discuss what we've been up to, our favourite "tech gadgets", a monster command line love, and we go over your feedback. Join Alan, Mark and Martin for another podcast.

New episode of that there podcast that we make for you. Join us and listen to us talk about PDFs, nerd topics and kitchen renovations. It's all go here!

We're back for another bumper episode. Join and as they discuss desktop aspirations, a command line love (spoiler: it's bashtop), reinstalling , and your wonderful feedback.

"You're joking - not another one!". A new episode of
with your "friends"
and guest friend discussing an awful lot of feedback, some command line love and more.

It's podcast time again! This week and guest presenter discuss what's been going on in the community and wider world.

Joe Ressington joins us again to discuss rolling releases 🧻, gamepad mapping tools 🎮 and your feedback 📧!

Some listeners 🎧 have said they like to support the show with a one-off contribution 💸, rather than a monthly 📅 Patreon. Now you can! Contribute with PayPal on our Donate page:

If you'd like to help us 👨‍👨‍👦 cover our ongoing production costs 💲, you can donate through our patreon page!

After 13 years 📅 going it alone, we're asking for your help to keep the show sounding good 🎧 and releasing on time ⌛. Listen to Mark and Martin give you the details in this special annoncement 📣:

Something for your ears and brain. A new episode of Podcast! and discuss the recent release, discuss a confusing command line love, and read some of your feedback! Have a listen.

Our "Vault of Lurrrrrrve" is running dry 😱
Anyone got a good Command-Line-Love for the next episode? Preferably one we've not mentioned before 😁

We're back with another episode! This time,,
and discuss board games and phones! We also have your lovely feedback, and more calls for "ThinkPad Corner" :D (yes, Alan wrote this, nothing the others can do about it)

Good Morning! Here's Season 13 Episode 3 for your listening pleasure. In this week's show, audits his ThinkPads, has been busy with orange and green things and keeps us in check. We cover Ubuntu & News things.

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