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Hot off the hot press. Another episode of The Ubuntu Podcast featuring
And discussing all manner of stuff n ting. (Nobody reads this)

Dear listener,
When we ( / / produce our own audio, it's awful. When does it, we sing (kinda). Please help us continue to sing by supporting us on PayPal or Patreon at the link below ⤵

It's that time again. A new episode of the podcast in which and chat about news, community goings-on and what they've been up to. Tune in, friend.

In this episode and are joined by to discuss and our experiences building those "One button" things we showed off at the event.

ICYMI: A standalone video 📼 of the Ubuntu Voltage live show from 2021 is now available for your viewing pleasure. Smash that like button here 👉

Recording the podcast remotely, we need our audio in sync. Here's how we do it - badly 😁

Who wins the Single Button Challenge?
Vote now, you have 10 minutes!

Tea minus 1 day until 🥳
Time for a quick cuppa from our favourite teapot 🫖😍
Don't forget to set a reminder for the 🌟LIVE🌟 show tomorrow ⏩⏩⏩

This week our presenters discuss the key applications they use regularly on their desktop! Also, some fun command line love (with rogue-like elements) and your feedback. Enjoy.

Tea minus 2 days until 🎉 Speaking of tea, which biscuits will you be dipping in a cuppa this Saturday, starting at 19:00 BST? Here's a serving suggestion of our favourite British Biscuits! 👇

🧵 Tea Minus 3 days until 2021! Time to explain the show, and how you, dear listener, can participate! [1/4]

It's Tea Minus 4 days until ! Here's the team in their natural environments! Meet and 👋

To get an idea of what our "Ubuntu Voltage" session at on Saturday may contain. Watch our last live event from 2019's FOSS Talk Live!

FOSS Talk Live is back, this Saturday, 12th June at 19:00 BST 🎙️ We're joining forces with from to bring you "Ubuntu Voltage" ⚡️
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