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Ubuntu Podcast is now available on Spotify 🍾 πŸŽ‰ Follow us to get your weekly dose of news, discussion, interviews and reviews from the , Linux 🐧 and Open Source world -

Curry has been had. Unlucky for you lot, Season 13 is in pre-production πŸ˜€

Following the release of the last episode (possibly ever 😱) yesterday, and are already cooking 🍲 up a new creation Give them a follow and listen πŸ‘‚ to S12E36 to find out what 8-bit Versus is all about πŸ‘

It's our final season 12 episode recording this evening. Any news in the last couple of weeks that has caught your eye? Command-line loves? Feedback? Chuck it our way pls.

Nearly 1000 humans have joined the Telegram channel to chitter-chatter. You can too, visit now!

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