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Ubuntu Podcast is now available on Spotify 🍾 🎉 Follow us to get your weekly dose of news, discussion, interviews and reviews from the , Linux 🐧 and Open Source world -

The Ubuntu Podcast "After Party" 🥳 is streaming live on YouTube 📺 Now! Come and join, and for banter, beverages, Q&A and a stroll down memory lane 🧠

In 8 hours from now, at 20:00 UK Time (whatever that is where you are 🤷‍♀️), we're having an "After Show" 🎉
Grab a cup of tea and some biscuits, and join and , live over on the YouToobs. Mash that reminder button, etc. ⤵️

Thanks for listening to us whether 14 minutes or 14 years. Our current presenters - and would like to thank the past presenters - and without whom we wouldn't have even started in the first place. 🥰

Hey! Two more episodes left, then we're no longer on the air. Which podcasts should we direct our listeners to in our final episode? 🤔
(they don't have to be Linux based)

It's the antepenultimate episode of !
Yes, we just discovered the word "antepenultimate". Learning right to the end. 💪

Thank you to our avid listener who has taken time to send us a positive message today, after our pre-announcement of the podcast ending. It's very heartwarming to hear from you, dear listener. Good to know someone listened to our silly amateur, clown-shoe, nerd-based nonsense. 😂

It's a bitter-sweet episode today. and discuss some tech news, and announce the end of the show. For realsies. Listen in to learn when and why.

New ep' up! It's a good one! We interview developer - Enjoy!

Word processors, 3" disks, dusty libraries and reading magazines! Yes! It's August 2021 everyone! Time for another episode of with the latest news and community goings-on. Enjoy.

Once again is "indisposed", so and are joined by this week! We have feedback, command line lurrrrrrve, and a discussion about the Ubuntu Community & Developer Advocacy! Enjoy.

New podcast day! While is in prison, we have guest presenter joining and
Share and enjoy!

Roll up! Roll up! It's podcast publication time! All the news that's fit to .. well, yammer about.
You're welcome.

Hot off the hot press. Another episode of The Ubuntu Podcast featuring
And discussing all manner of stuff n ting. (Nobody reads this)

Dear listener,
When we ( / / produce our own audio, it's awful. When does it, we sing (kinda). Please help us continue to sing by supporting us on PayPal or Patreon at the link below ⤵

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