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I guess most of you have noticed by now, but H. Bomberguy is running a charity stream for Mermaids.uk, a charity for trans children.

He plays Donkey Kong 64 101%. The Stream is 41 hours in, has already raised nearly 160k $ and with that already offset the delayed? money from the big lottery fund this year.

And all of this started as a big fuck you to Graham Lineham


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this guy was truly doing the lord's work

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for anyone interested, I did a video on how issues are framed and watching it gives you a doctorate in postmodernism: youtube.com/watch?v=remnggKvZQ

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Better than Internet: Filternet!


Brought to you by Ze European Union. Because if it makes our friends richer (Vivendi, Sony, etc.), it is a fair price to pay!

#article13 #art13 #filtering #censorship #copywrong #EU #notThisEurope

german politics 

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1000 Rechtsextreme verwüsten die Innenstadt von #Chemnitz, gehen auf Passanten & Polizei los. @faznet@twitter.com so: Blumen sind ein super Symbolbild!!!! Schreib, die demonstrieren gegen „Ausländerkriminalität“!!! #c2608

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hey (new) user! yes, you! it is I, the person who will introduce you to / remind you that when posting images you can (and should) add a description to them!
this helps visually impaired users!

and please try to post text as text instead of taking a screenshot of that text!

thanku and i'm looking forward to meeting you on the INFOBAHN :blobcool:

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So, what did you do the last few weeks?
Oh I build a program that takes pictures and makes maps from it.

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how in the fuck does someone release a documentation markup language with not a single semantic way to make a regular line break in text


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9.09.17 in Wiesbaden, Germany:

Anti Demo für alle Demo

Against homophobia, transphobia and general bigotry.

They will come in a "free speech" bus, we will try to get them to leave as early as possible. In Munich they got booed out of the city, lets do it again!


After additional investigation i have discovered that this process always runs at full load for roughly a minute a new tab is opened, even if this tab is a simple "new tab".

The task closes itself ~1 minute after closing chrome., but runs indefinitely when using chrome.
The process is not related to one specific tab.

I have a strange problem with Chrome and Lubuntu right now.
Often times (not always), one process of chrome uses an entry cpu core for it self, constantly.
Even when i close chrome, this process stays open and under full load.
Any way to determine what this process does?
It looks a lot like a mining bot or a infinit loop bug.

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