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#100HandsChallenge finished but I'm too stupid to learn that fast, need many more.

What I've learn though is I should start with gesture and use mirror more.

(Don't use as reference, they're all broken!)

#art #mastoart #study #hands

explorer Update!
1. Dark theme. No more eye burning white.
2. I'm pulling content from 317 servers! You can spot messages from pleroma because their like and reblog buttons are disabled.

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I would love that all Fediverse networks have a common endpoint with a common API URL like:

{"software":"Mastodon", "version":"2.71"}

That would easily allow applications to know what network is running behind the domain name.

#Mastodon #Pleroma #Peertube #Pixelfed #GNUSocial #Friendica #Misskey

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Updates to explorer
1. Manifest.json! Now you can add it to your phone.
2. Cleaned up the styles to be mobile friendly.
3. I rewrote the algorithm to no longer need /explore page. This introduces WAY MORE CONTENT.
4. I now support tags with international characters.

Go find cool people to follow!

Today I fixed a bug where a object was accidently being added to number resulting in a string what was silently working in MySQL 5.6 but failed in 5.7 which complained it was expecting a number.

The longer I work in the more I hate the language. is easily the best thing to ever happen to so much amazing content

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@gargron you might like this tool I made. every hour it scrapes the /explore page of all the 2.7 registered instances. This let's me produce a list of trending hashtags across the fediverse.

I built a thing!


Find people to follow across the fediverse!

Every hour it scrapes the /explore of every safe mastodon instance on 2.7 and pulls down recent toots of popular tags. I even made the follow, like and reblog links work.

I also made it not show images for posts marked sensitive.

I didn't know I wanted to know every rule violation in but I could not look away from this

Lead success

Deliver on time
Help your people level up
Keep report happy

I like this new profile directory thing. I hope someone builds a /explore aggregator that lets me find users across instances.

Ugh Uber drivers that blast music so loud I can hear it over my ear buds. 🙉👹😡

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