I made a personal site this weekend. It just has links to some stuff I am working on. Not too fancy! 0qz.fun

@href is there a eta fediverse.network coming back? It powers fediverse.0qz.fun

If there was a Hogwarts in the dark arts section you would find a book on 👿 Negative Margin 👿

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My wife’s side project launched today on product hunt!!


> Minimalist sentence-a-day journaling app with daily prompts


Fediverse Explorer now supports viewing content. Trending videos will be embedded in the tag feeds.

May seem like a small step but this is the first non based api that I am consuming!


The Chaos Communication Congress happening right now Leipzig is trending hard.

248 people distributed over 83 servers are talking about it.


Rebuilt and rebranded my side project 🚀🚀🚀

Introducing: Fediverse Explorer fediverse.0qz.fun/

Pulling content from over 3000 servers to generate a trends report every hour.

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my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like


(RTs appreciated!)

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>This is a workaround to a change introduced in Safari 12 that requires a user to confirm that they want to start the Zoom client prior to joining every meeting. The local web server enables users to avoid this extra click before joining every meeting. We feel that this is a legitimate solution to a poor user experience.


If anyone is curious on what people on the new server are talking about...

you can see trending tags posted by gab users on my new site `Gab Trends`. (Updated Hourly)


Warning: Its exclusively trending deep alt right content.

Because of my trending tag analysis project I actively follow content on the fediverse.

Pretty much all the trending content coming out of is alt right, qanon, maga stuff.

I am thinking about tweaking the heuristic that at least 2 instances has to talk about a tag for it to "trend".

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Year Progress:

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░ 51%

Updated instance list for mastodon explorer to pick up mastodon-explorer.netlify.com/ gab.com users are all over the top tags.

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