Morning Fedifriends! What disgusting weird meme is dominating the discourse today?

@daedalus just saw a coffee shop sign

After Tuesday, even weeks go

@emmadavidson @tqft Today is your day, so enjoy your own special brand of weirdness!

@daedalus @tqft I enjoy my own special brand of weirdness every day, as anyone who knows me will attest 😜

@emmadavidson @tqft As is right and proper. Every day is weirdness day!

@emmadavidson @daedalus don't miss Woden bus interchange

Or the cold in Canberrrrrra generally

@tqft @daedalus I’m actively working on trying to get ACT Govt to fix that bus station. The cold has improved, you can blame climate change for that unfortunately

@tqft @daedalus maybe, if someone were to leave the keys in some earthmoving equipment and a bottle of tequila on my doorstep one night...

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