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okay everyone overthrow capitalism

startiiiiinnnngggg..... NOW! GO!

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to see how big a country really is, check out: thetruesize.com

because the world map we always see makes everything below the equator a LOT smaller and everything above it much, much larger.

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Unfortunately I missed OSFC again this year :/ There is an interesting talk by Cliff L. Biffle from Oxide Computer about their embedded OS they wrote from scratch: “On Hubris and Humility: developing an OS for robustness in Rust”.
Watching the talk I see many of the fundamental ideas and principles we employed in Muen. I think it’s another example of how you can make fundamentally different tradeoffs if you forego “general purpose”.


#microkernel #oxide #osfc #Rust

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A storm just rolled in from the south, so I set the sound recorder up to catch its approach before the sound of rain on the tin roof drowns out everything.


#soundscape #sound #storm #rain

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Another opportunity, if you work in decentralised (federated, distributed, co-operative, shared, whatever) tech: write a piece for New_ Public and get paid $1000+.

I am nothing to do with them! I just want you have some money and exposure for what you do!


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Why was the Tatooine IRS always going after the sand people? 

because they single file to hide their numbers

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This is a really enjoyable read arguing against the relevance of cyberpunk as the narrative or aesthetic for the times. Our existence is a dorky, awkward mess perpetrated by clueless failchildren not a battle fought by sexy cool-ass hackers. I present to you the corporate gothic.


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job posting 

For a PhD graduate in math. optimisation, modelling of smart grids / energy markets. It's in Canberra, Aus.


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I need some beginners' resources* for learning to add LEDs to stuff. Help? (boosts are help)

*If they have to be videos, 😑 fiiiiiiiiine. But buddy, do I sure enjoy written resources with good pictures more.

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my startup is hiring 

I have the go ahead from my co-founder to post this, so:

-if you have a bachelor's in chemistry or chemical engineering or a related field, and
-you have experience with inorganic chemistry, and
-you are interested in working at a small start-up in Oregon (not Portland!)

You should talk to me.


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Link: Wrong Borders, a blog about bad edge cases in maps 

Anthony has need collecting these weird edge cases about national and state borders for years. Now he’s blogging about them. First one: Does the Australian Capital Territory have a coastline? It’s quite a ride.

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Wet’suwet’en people enforcing a badass blockade against Coastal Gaslink in central B.C.:

> Yesterday, we took our land back.

> With our Haudenosaunee allies, we enforced our ancient trespass laws and have permanently closed access to our territory. The Morice Forest Service Road has been destroyed and access to Coastal Gaslink is no longer possible.


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I spent the best part of the day taking apart and putting back together a mechanical calculator which I inherited from my grandfather.

The brand is Antares. I found a page jaapsch.net/mechcalc/antares.h with some info:

"In 1940 Paolo Pozzi founded his company Organizzazione Pozzi S.p.A., in Milan. It supplied office machines, such as typewriters and calculators, not only by importing foreign machines including the Precisa adding machines, but also by manufacturing their own. These machines were given the brandname Antares, which is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio, and use a star-shaped logo."

"The first calculator model, the P1, was released in 1940 or 1941”

The page goes on to describe the difference with the later models P2, P3 and P4 and based on that description, my machine is a P1, so it is 80 years old.

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honestly we should keep face masks on public transport forever

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I swear this fella was waving at me. So I waved back, it’s the polite thing to do.

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