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Microsoft steals name of Linux Desktop project (MauiKit and the Maui distribution) for their project that does the same thing and then blames Linux community for using that name to begin with (which is obvious trademark infringement as they've both had those names for years now). Abusing power over GitHub to then delete any issues on their project related to the name collision and deny they are at fault for ignoring the first search result that comes up for the name Maui.


You can tell they are trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish. But with blunders like this and the way their megacorp stooge bosses like to handle it they won't be extending anything.

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Scholar.social is going to be putting on a free conference covering a variety of topics! We will have signup sheets for moderators, presenters, *and* participants coming soon.


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Before I lose the link, a bunch of books from Cambridge University Press, also some articles etc available free until 12 July
On Protests Policing Race

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Fedi - I could use some help.

Recently I have been playing a bit of a digital archeologist and exploring websites of late 90s/early 2000s.

I have grown up in Poland, and we had a few internet focused magazines, that would include copies of websites on a CD. I bet other countries had similar publications.

This is where I need help. What magazines from your country included offline versions of websites? English preferred, but I am happy to explore any language. Boosts greatly appreciated!

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Weird how law agencies keep talking about how encryption will put a stop to prosecutions as we know it unless companies put in a backdoor for them to access, but somehow they keep finding ways to access encrypted content without needing a backdoor :blobhyperthink: :blobhyperthink: :blobhyperthink:


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re: cabal, p2p chat, distributed moderation 

one of the core contributors, @cblgh (have i got that right?) recently published their thesis on TrustNet, a trust-based moderation system for supporting decentralized moderation systems that can intelligently propagate and adopt moderation actions. the paper is fascinating and especially relevant to the modly travails of fedi, ssb, etc.


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MH - 

Am communicating in likes and boosts

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i literally don't know 

he was a snake

she was... technically the same snake

can i make it aaaaaanymore ouroboros

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I wrote a post on saving information from the internet archive, so that even IA deleting it means it's not gone.


Toy time, privilege, computers 

My new desktop has arrived. Not dealing with intermittent electrical fault on old one.

Going to take some setting up

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This is amazing. They made one of those 70s helicopter toys in the shape of the Starship Enterprise!

You know, I would have enjoyed this toy growing up. I wonder why these helicopter toys went out of fashion.

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Load the TGIF cannon with chain, we’re going to run alongside, force the weekend to heave to, give them a point blank broadside, and board with cutlasses and pistols

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