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Tobias Cohen @tobico

You can never have too many hats, gloves, or player characters.

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@hellojed have you seen YarnSpinner? It's an awesome open source dialog system for Unity. Have used it in a game jam and can confirm it works great.

My simple development server assets setup in Fusebox vs Webpack. Very impressed with Fusebox so far

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One thing I'm loving from trying again is you can now type `apt install` or `apt search` instead of having to do `apt-get install` and `apt-cache search`.

Looks like the change comes from apt 1.0 released in 2014. This kind of thing is a huge quality of life improvement, and can't be talked about enough.

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The idea of throwing stuff away because you havent used it in a year sounds good on paper. But I'm pretty sure I should keep these network cables.

Updated my Trexkeys keyboard shortcut project to work under using an xkb config file!

Took me most of the day, and I feel a rant about the sorry state of X11 documentation coming, but at least it's done.

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New Tennessee law reminds me of this joke Magic card, will probably cause just as much chaos to the state's legal system as it does to a game of MtG.

Laws form a complex interdepedent system, rolling things back is too blunt a tool to use for any reason, let alone a gross vindictive one.

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Stephen's Sausage Roll is part of the current Humble Bundle

If you like puzzle games at all, it's well worth the $10. Superb game!

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Nice comic about gender norms and how violently society enforce them

@Elex @CobaltVelvet when I search by full address, the request times out. If I use the "Remote Follow" button I get redirected to after a minute, with only the fail mammoth on the page

@CobaltVelvet I don't seem to be able to follow people on, is this a server issue?

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So bizarre to search for topics like and see zero hits. I feel like I stumbled onto social media circa 2003.