@aworldinpages A finishing touch to one of those stripes I was working a while ago.

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Please help me survive, I beg of you now more than ever: 

If you can, please donate something to help.

It'd be very much welcome and appreciated.

:ko_fi: ko-fi.com/eloisa

:paypal: paypal.me/eloisa85

Every cent helps, truly.

And so do boosts of this thread. Thank you in any case! :blobcatheart:

Hope you're all well and safe,

with love,
Eloísa V.

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I need to change my @username. I might migrate to a new account soon.

A game developer for 7 years speaks about how awesome #FOSS programs are!

He used proprietary software before, but now prefers Free Software. And he says he can be as productive as before. 👍

The 4 Programs I Use to Make Games: Free and Open Source Software
➡️ tilvids.com/videos/watch/712ac

Subscribe to him if you can. I subscribed just now.

#gamedev #tilvids

Sunset over the Blue Ridge in NW Virginia, 14 January 2021. Hope you are all well and happy.

One espresso. Then another. I'm good. ☕ ☕

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