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Netflix thinks I'm a kid and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about that

A mystery: people who wear their mask under the nose in the streets but correctly on their only tinder picture.

What the f*ck people

My passion is: wearing zombie apocalypse gear when I go running during a global pandemic

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11.46K today! The mission is 20k but I did not do 20. I did escape 3 zombie chases though. :rust_ferris_happy: (nothing rust related I just like how ferris is enthusiastic)

Just as I posted this my cat decided to come and sit on my lap (and my arm)

Way to go, cat.

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Me: I wish I had friends
People: it's actually very easy to make friends, you should try harder

What do you guys think I'm f*cking doing? I'm not lonely because I want to be.

I reactivated my twitter account. Well I deactivated it again less than a day after that. I'll go back when it doesn't feel like I'm a spectator of people's life. And when people stop answering to friendly banter not addressed to them with guilt-inducing monologues. 😩

Well now I'm stuck with mild throat ache not knowing if I'm covid 19 positive when the results have landed 1 hour ago. Good thing I almost had no sleep cause I was stressed out and could receive the email at 7:06 AM

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Covid tests in France

Expectations: go on the link in the email sent 24 to 48 hours later to see the results

Reality: the servers answers with a base64 string that translates to HTML code which says "Error 403. The server doesn't respond".

I like how EVERYTHING that the french administration attempts technically speaking fails miserably. (It's a figure of speach, I really don't)

There is something oddly satisfying in making your own pasta.

Let's change that profile picture. It's the 2020 gay way of changing haircuts while hoping it's gonna solve your problems

I feel like I'd be really good friends with Klaus from the Umbrella Academy. 🤔

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