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Instead of uploading all our information to silos like Facebook or Twitter, we should be able to host our own basic (meta)data like avatar, status updates or social connections in a standardized format.

You would then be able to grant services like Facebook or Twitter access to that data via a token, and you could control which service gets access to what kind of data.

Yes, I'm still dreaming of a semantic web.

At which point did liberalism go so wrong that it became normal to anyone for company survival to be more important than people survival

I Should Shower And Then Go Food Shopping, But I Won't, a five part tale


bah suffit de les appeler "pas steak"

PeerTube is the Fediverse's own video network:


Because it's part of the Fediverse, you can watch, follow, share, like and comment on PeerTube from Mastodon if you prefer. You can also embed PeerTube videos on websites.

PeerTube's site explains more:

They are currently crowdfunding the latest version, which will support live streaming:

#PeerTube #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Streaming #Video #YouTube #Twitch #LiveStreaming #p2p

cucumber levels are 13% and steady

(13%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Me on grindr:
1. Open app
2. Realize answering random dude messages is actually kindda exhausting
3. Procrastrinate answering the few messages I immediately get
4. Close app

What is respect?

No seriously I haven't seen any in a while I forgot

Hop ! Don fait à @Framasoft pour Peertube v3 ✅
Merci encore pour tout ce que vous faites ! 👏

Based on media I consumed in the 90s, I really thought quicksand would be a more frequent problem in my life

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