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Gab blocking an instance because “you can’t just abuse us 24/7” is GOLDEN


Je lis dans un article que des patrons interdisent le short "trop vacances" mais que la jupe est acceptée, car portée toute l'année.

Messieurs, vous savez ce qu'il vous reste à faire !

Was talking about Mastodon with an old-school sysadmin guy. We reached the realization that defederating from instances with no/bad moderation is essentially the same thing as blocking open relays back when you ran your own email server: open relays always end up getting used for spam, you block 'em to protect your users.

Email was and still is the first federated social network, so it already faced a lot of the same problems; we should study its solutions (and its failures).

:drake_dislike: Liberalism
:drake_like: Economical Anarchy

When you talk to liberals, start saying this instead: "Oh yeah, you're an economical anarchist!" You'll thank me later.

This Amish furniture store is making a lot of assumptions about my life

I don't want to post screenshots but some comments I've seen today lead me to believe not everyone understands how exactly the stuff between Gab, Mastodon, and Fedilab ties together.

The Gab event is remarkable as a threat to Mastodon apps in app stores, because there's a precedent of Gab's own apps being banned.

For end-users, it's nothing special. Servers more toxic than Gab have been dealt with on the fediverse and your nazi-free server will remain nazi-free.

Référendum ADP, la prédiction du jour Show more

Référendum ADP, la prédiction du jour Show more

Software doesn't have a sacred mission to be neutral. Software can be neutral. As a software developer you don't have to be, and your software doesn't either.

So I've seen the Gab/Mastodon/Tusky discussions and I had no idea what gab was so I researched it and ended up on their site naively.

I feel very dirty now.

Google I know you are trying to help but I said what I said, show me some buff-ass electric babies

Here’s a bun for you. I ask for nothing in return.

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