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JK Rowling reveals that Snape threw the first brick at stonewall

ShadowHunters Clave:
❎Protects humans
❎Kills demons
☑️ Relentlessly questions the loyalty of their most efficient agents.

Jour de repos ===> la greve
Congés payés ===> la greve
Sécu ===> la greve
SMIC ===> la greve
Vive la greve

Mastodon, the home of the bad pun.

(And we do love you for that)

3 types of programs:

$ foo -h
invalid option -- 'h'
Try 'foo --help' for more information.

$ foo --help
invalid option -- '-'
usage: foo [-iuegnvlairKnsivrngvV] qux blarg

$ foo --help
unknown option '--help', continuing anyway
deleting your files...
^C^Cdeleting more files...^C

This is the start of a teenage drama that ends on a sad song with people lying on their respective bed looking at the ceiling and sighing. :blobsad:

And it's my freaking life right now. I'll keep you posted if we finally have a happy ending.

And you'll be notified if we ever marry. :blobheartcat:

I've seen this guy 3 days in a row. And gosh I KNOW it's far too soon to say I love you but I couldn't convince my brain not to put it on the tip of my tongue.

And now he's very likely going to move accross the country and daaaamn I feel like there's been a lost opportunity here.

I can't ask him to stay, we've known each other for a week. And he can't ask me to move with him either. So we're screwed.

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Bon ben …

… un homme avec deux chiens dans ses poches promenant un canard avec des chaussures


So I'm chatting with this guy who's like the most beautiful man I've ever seen but he uses a LOT of "lol"s and emojis. I'm fearing the worst but at the same time I still wanna believe that our children will be fucking beautiful.

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