why should I upgrade my RAM can't people stop building electron apps instead

Don't take out private loans to go to college, take it slow, work on the side, do whatever you need to do, just don't trap yourself in debt

ah, a swarm of wild active directory domain controllers. nature is beautiful. slime.global/media/eb1Hyeu3L9D

Surveillance Self-Defense: ssd.eff.org/

Good info, I try to re-read it regularly to prevent myself from getting complacent.

hot take but imo things should be good instead of bad imo

I'd like to contribute to mastodon but I don't know anything about Ruby or React.js and am not really excited to change that...

If there was a way for me to disable content warnings, just by setting them to pre-expanded or something, that'd be really nice.

#Magit is an amazing and incredibly useful piece of software, and my favourite way of using Git. Its maintainer and lead developer Jonas Bernoulli has launched a kickstarter fundraising campaign. I just pledged and I suggest you do the same to help make Magit even more awesome!

"It's Magit! The magical Git client"
kickstarter.com/projects/16812 mastodon.social/media/TPbda1NJ


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more