I still want more work to be done on Mastodon in order to make it possible to either delete or reduce the visibility of old toots. What I wrote about some personal situation is never going to be read by people who want to check out my profile before they follow me, but could definitely be of interest to anyone who's looking for dirt on me. I don't want random people to snoop around my old content.

If there was a social network where old content fading away was an explicit feature, I'd be interested in that. Snapchat pretty much started out as a social network where two of the main features were intimacy (posts are only shared to the people you pick) and the non-permanence of shared content (snaps could only be viewed momentarily and would then disappear). People found ways around that, but it at least didn't encourage the keeping of records.

@JollyOrc Sure, and perhaps you could include the toot I just added to the thread.

People make the implicit assumption that content shared over a social network must always be on the record, and that content shared over a video call must never be on the record, but there is no reason one can't do it the other way around, or leave record keeping out of it altogether. Old data on a social network is usually stale data anyway, so there's little reason to keep it around, except for its sentimental value, and that's what downloadable archive files are for.

@thorthenorseman can I save a permalink to this particular toot on social.antefriguserat.de/index , as it pertains to the interest of that wiki? (it's about collecting user needs for social media)

@thorthenorseman (I could of course just paraphrase the gist of it, but I like to point to sources, but given the topic, I thought I should ask :) )

@thorthenorseman I'll link to the thread, so if you add more, it will be shown too :)

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