is apparently weird about security. I mean, shutting down for several days due to wait for an obscure OS vulnerability to get patched upstream? I did not expect that. The rest of the Fediverse didn't shut down for it, so I don't get it at all. It was my primary instance and I only really maintain one Fediverse account at any given time.

@adam: Can you shed some light on the thinking behind this when the instance is back up again?

The DOM viewed as a GUI toolkit might be large and ugly, but on the other hand, it's extremely feature complete. There is very little you can't do with it. It sets the reference for everything else. All things considered, it's also quite easy to use. It doesn't take many lines of code to make it do something. The same can't be said of most native GUI tool kits.

I also wish federation for threads wasn't so broken. If I reply to a post on this network, only instances that already track my account can see that reply.

Finding an instance that satisfies these criteria is hard:

1. Sticks around and doesn't shut down suddenly.

2. Doesn't block/silence accounts/instances for political reasons.

3. Isn't blocked by many other instances.

4. Healthy but not overwhelming activity level on local timeline.

5. Keeps up-to-date with Mastodon releases.

What I like about the big silos is their stability. I wish my identity and activity on this network wasn't tied to one instance.

Paragraph 3 of my employer's bylaws reads as follows:

The company mission is to perform contracting services within computing and design, and trade, for the purpose of supporting free software and the GNU Project, in addition to charitable purposes that the board may elect, as well as participation in other companies.

Paragraph 14 reads:

Sleeping during working hours is permitted., my old instance, has mysteriously risen from the dead, and it's not happy. We never properly shut it down. It just stopped working one day and it seems that they didn't shut down the server it's running on. I better contact the ISP and ask them to shut it down.

One of the operations guys kind of looks like Fidel Castro dressed in black, with a long grey beard and short-brimmed cap. He also happens to be a vegan.

Me and my colleagues were bantering with him just now, and at one point, he said "I'm not a communist! I'm a sysadmin!"

At that point, we lost it.

Too much shit going on in my head at the moment...

My mother's sick so I had to leave for 2 weeks.

It's my birthday today.

I have a claim against me for a large sum of money.

My boss is currently disappointed in my work performance.

Also, I am questioning my sexuality.

I wonder if Norwegian schools teach kids to cook anymore. 20 years ago, when I was in middle school, we had classes in cooking and arts and crafts.

"Quiet guy with with square-frame glasses, short beard, ponytail and flannel shirt" makes up a significant share of the software developer population.

The new CEO of Nintendo America is named Bowser. I'm not joking. His name is Doug Bowser.

In other news, the new CEO of Valve is named Gordon Freeman.

I guess I'm back to using until is up again. The admin only gave a day's notice before he took it down due to a security vulnerability, I wasn't following the account it was announced on, and it was a travel day, so I wasn't checking Mastodon very often in the first place.

Out of an abundance of caution, I am going to bring NAS offline until there is an upstream Linux kernel fix available for CVE-2019-8912.

Note that NAS may be offline for a few days as a result.

Take this time to be with your friends and family OTG-style.

Oh, that's why is down. That's an unusual way of dealing with a vulnerability.

Anyone know what's going on with today?

Also, if any of you know of a Pleroma/Mastodon instance without an agenda of any kind, that never really goes down and has a decent number of active accounts, let me know about it. I was hoping I wouldn't need to instance hop again so soon, but my experience with the Pleroma software hasn't been so great.

Yeah, so that one thread I wrote about Mastodon being very LGBT actually got about 2-3X more replies than I was about to see from

I think my old instance (non-functional and practically decommissioned) was a tad more eclectic in its federation, and I kind of liked that.

@tootapp Has Toot! been tested with Pleroma? I get an error message when I try to add a Pleroma instance. Amaroq seemed to handle them fine (except for being unable to full view images and play video from Pleroma instances).

Yeah, I think I'll be moving to another instance shortly. It took me way too long to figure out that Octodon wasn't quite what I had imagined it to be. has been recommended to me. Ironically, that instance is blocked from here. Also, unfortunately, because I follow people from that instance, and that means I've been missing toots from them. What's the name of a large instance that doesn't really block anything but spammers and trolls, and is more centrist?

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