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I understood the appeal of but never got into the game until my daughter started playing. But man, when you finally dig real deep and find veins of gold and red stone on your own it's like...

I get it now... I totally get it.

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This country is so fucked I can't believe it.

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gnome really hit the file chooser dialog middle age with the one that
- doesn't let you edit the path at all
- runs a recursive search when you type anything instead of selecting an entry
- has basically no right click menu on entries

When you and your wife were central figures to a scene and not a single person reaches out about a reunion beyond a single Facebook invite, you really learn where you stand...

There's something exhilarating about turning on the dishwasher and thinking, "I sure hope I got all of the pieces back in the right place..."

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Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

Listening to Janelle Monae's amazing Dirty Computer on Spotify and somewhere during shuffle mode after it was over Janet Jackson's Escapade came on so everything it alright...

Took my final for one class last night. Waiting on grades for my project in another. Looks like I not only survived my second semester, but did well.

My midlife crisis may actually be productive. Go me!

Shout out to my local shop (Watchung Booksellers - for providing a good place for exploring books.

I would like for Maris Kreizman to join Mastodon so that I can continue to enjoy her book recommendations.

Trying to get my "To Read" list in order so I don't rush out and buy the same pile of books currently sitting next to my nightstand.

Need to get some reports done for work, study for a midterm, clean the mess next to my desk... oh, 18.04 came out...

Guess I'm going to spend the day backing up my systems and re-installing.

Just a reminder, 20 years later Roygbiv is still one of the greatest electronic tracks of all time.

And this fan made video is something else.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Board of Canada's "Music Has the Right to Children". I'll be firing that up as soon as I'm done with my morning Bowie kick.

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Times like these I wish I had a proper macro lens, but regardless.

Decided to try and grow my own Kirby cucumbers this year for pickles. I planted these 5 days ago and they have aggressively made their way out. Unfortunately, it has not been sunny so I had to use a fluorescent light as artificial sun. I just hope I don't kill them in the next few days.

#homegarden #photo #photography

Lens: 50mm f/1.4 USM
Aperture: f/1.4
ISO: 125
Shutter Speed: 1/640
Focal Length: 50mm

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I know it's a shock for a lot of people on here, but the reality is a lot of the people you admire are racists.

At some point, you're going to have to grapple with that reality if you want this community to grow.

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And unfortunately Michigan has completely lost their composure, so this game went from tense to blowout pretty quickly. So much for a good game.