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Reminder to myself today: Don't let the world take away your softness. Be kind, be vulnerable, for the world needs love and empathy far more than hardness and steel.

Friendly reminder: "X as a service" is just a misleading corporate euphemism for "pay forever for not owning it".

"Software as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the software".

"Games as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning games".

"Infrastructure as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the hardware".

And so on.

There is no "cloud", it's just other people's computers

A few single friends throw in money (about $5 a meal) and I cook healthy, nutritionally balanced dinners for them. I've really enjoyed getting paid for this, but without the pressure of real professional cookery.

... And that, frankly, even if the person is not worth the risk, we remain the people who were willing to stop, to offer something.”

Trans friend gave me this book (The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You by S. Bear Bergman) and I'm enjoying the vingettes.

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Quote from a book on why we're so helpful:

"But also, I think, as queers (and Jews too), we know what happens when everyone assumes that someone else will step up. In a rather intimate way, in all sorts of situations, we've been on the shit end of the I’m Sure Someone Will Do Something phenomenon too often to imagine that we’re not also Someone. That we can help, and that if there’s a risk to helping, the person may be worth the risk. ...

Life got real crazy again for a while. Finished knitting a sweater and now I want to make another, but I don't have enough yarn in any one color.

I just signed up to maybe run another D&D game. I am, at least, less insane this time because I'll only do it while one of my other games is on break.

On the minus side, I also committed to running a Blades in the Dark game after one campaign finishes. Soooooo.

Knitting during lunch while I try to come up with game prep ideas is pretty good, except that I'm on ribbing right now, and there's something about ribbing that just bores me.

So instead of doing either knitting or game prep, I'm just procrastinating on the internet again.

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I've had a few people call me "wise" today and all I can think is, "damnit, my disguise as a vampiric eldritch interstellar horror isn't working, they discovered the gooey inside."

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Anti-LGBT Supreme Court Judges, US fascism 

Every time I get frustrated at fair-weather liberal friends, I come back to Masto with my carefully curated spaces and aggressively proactive friends, and it's just such a refreshing and uplifting feeling.

Solidarity in your queer siblings is the most important thing. Sometimes your cis friends can feel like the best thing you’ve ever had. But when it comes to them treating other queer people like shit, to do nothing, and enable them, is enabling queerphobia. Queerphobes can like you if you’re a respectable queer. If you’re not weird enough to cross the line. But when you betray your siblings for the comfort of cisheteronormativity, you’re putting yourself in danger, because the minute you cross that respectability line, you’re done for. It’s toxic. Those people are toxic. They’re not not toxic just because you like them and because they’re nice to you.

Disco Elysium is really good. 

This sounds complex but considering I'm just dumping all of this straight into the pan and heating it, it's incredibly easy. I do post-workout yoga stretches while it cooks.

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