New episode of @fossandcrafts where @mlemweb (returned from handing in her dissertation!) and I talk about organizational systems we like and use

(Why yes, Hipster PDAs and Org Mode both make an appearance.)

@cwebber @fossandcrafts @mlemweb

Really nice episode - listening now! (I remember seeing the Hipster PDA in person.)

@emacsomancer @cwebber @fossandcrafts @mlemweb I was going to ask whether the Hipster PDA is a device you put on your hip or a way of getting handsy while jive talking, but then I found the Wikipedia page.

I like the Wikipedia page's description of the 'Hipster PDA Nano':

"A Hipster Nano PDA utilizes business cards with blank backs and one that has a calendar on the back."

@cwebber @fossandcrafts @mlemweb
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