If you need anarchists to provide you with a Theory of Everything in order for you not to resort to hierarchy fatalism, you're missing the point.

@therealraccoon "Yeah, but how would society work under your supposed anarchist ideal?"

That's not up to me, and you're massively missing the point if you want me to explain how I, personally would run things. The point is it's not going to be up to me, or any one individual.

@Anarkat @therealraccoon One of my friends always hits me with this question of what *I* would like the alternative society to look like. I also respond that since he doesn't even agree with me on the ethical/moral reasons why capitalism is wrong and destructive why would I offer up one possible end goal to him?

@johnpierremaeli @therealraccoon Really good self-care. It's not a particularly constructive conversation to tell someone what you think a better world would look like only for them to counter with every way they think that it would actually suck.

Which is what a lot of uncritical consumers do when faced with ideas like this.

@Anarkat @therealraccoon And that's exactly what this friend would do. I already know all of their possible critiques, so why engage?

@johnpierremaeli @Anarkat @therealraccoon

friend: "so how would X work?"

me: "Buddy I don't know ask the people who do X they'll probably have some notions in mind, and if we give them the resources to enact whatever they plan I bet they'd come up with more plans. I can tell you how /I/ do things /I/ do, not much more."

@emsenn @johnpierremaeli @Anarkat I mean, I have a lot of great conceptual ideas for different economic and organizational projects that draw both directly from my practical political experience and from the work done by groups and individuals I'm associated with, but I feel that's not really the point of these inquiries, and I'd rather discuss these conceptual ideas with people that are actually going to consider using them for their own collective endeavors.

@therealraccoon @emsenn @Anarkat exactly. I'm only gonna discuss potential non-heirarchial societies with people who already want a non-heirarchial society.

@therealraccoon hella black (a podcast, check em out) hosted a restorative justice activist not too long ago and she made the point that trying to find The One Solution is what brings us to these punishment-oriented, hierarchial, othering solutions in the first place. anarchy tends toward the multiplication of solutions, not some right-and-wrong, civilized-and-barbaric, colonizer-and-colonized dichotomy, and thats whats so great about it as a framework. if people cant see that "anarchy" isnt an end goal but a way to make decisions that involve and uplift everyone then theyre really not engaging with it outside of their capitalist-realism-tinted worldview

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