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The celebration of "egging" and "milkshaking" as tools of antifascist action contributes yet again to the age-old normalization of speciesist exploitation.

I'm so tired of stuff like this.

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In my book any kind of socialism that is not actually libertarian and thus disregards individuals is inherently unethical, especially explicit state socialism, which is by design authoritarian and centralist.
If someone's communal socialism is organized bottom-up and decentralized, i.e. based on the needs and decisions of the individuals concerned, then indeed it's not inherently unethical or unjust (but pretty much anarchist).
State socialism, however, is.

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There's nothing anarchist about controlling others through value extraction.
"Anarchist" capitalists are just anti-state proponents of the "freedom" to exploit those who happen to find themselves on the disadvantaged side of a power imbalance.

As far as I am concerned, "anarcho"-capitalism and capitalist "libertarianism" is nothing but plutocratism.

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The lack of revolutionary potential in most existing co-ops is one of the many reasons why cooperative/collective economic projects should already incorporate an inherently anarchist approach at the founding level, and options for long-term horizontal scalability via federation with politically & structurally compatible projects shouldn't be an afterthought.
Worker co-ops shouldn't be isolated. Instead, they should have the clear potential to be integral parts of a bottom-up needs-based economy.

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Members of a police force are humans who let themselves be employed as executives of a state's monopoly on violence.

Pigs are one of the largest groups of victims of violent speciesist exploitation.

Please stop conflating the two and stop victimizing pigs even more by using them in your awful attempts at dehumanizing members of the police!

Pigs are not to blame.

Alexa: how do I find £120 in a few days to pay my rent?

(Paypal in bio but pls don't feel obliged)

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More than 20GB of Intel source code and proprietary data dumped online: includes confidential materials that Intel customers need to design motherboards, BIOS, or other things that work with CPUs and other chips Intel makes.

#intel #leak #infosec

homeless acquaintance in western MA needs crowdfunding for meds after being hit by a car 

A homeless acquaintance in the Springfield, MA area needs at least $100 for meds and food today. They're just recovering from being hit by a car.

Venmo @Tatiana-Toplitz18

Like Mastodon, added the ability to keep notes about people, which is part of what gets displayed when you select their avatar. The notes are only visible to the author, and aren't federated anywhere.

So if you need to remember someone's favorite color, birthday or tribal affiliation then this is how to do it.


Karrot can be used not only to organize food saving, but also bike saving! Bike Kitchens in Gothenburg, Sweden are open DIY bike workshop run by volunteers.

They use Karrot to communicate and coordinate when and who is keeping the workshop open and where they will pick up abandoned bikes that anyone can take home after fixing them in the workshop. If you already have your own bike to fix, just drop by, borrow the tools and get some help if needed!

All 100% non-commercial and volunteer-driven!

#Beirut #Lebanon

More than 300.000 people lost their homes.
Due to #COVID_19 the hospitals are overstrained, one hospital is destroyed and evacuated.

The Lebanese Red Cross is currently helping least 5.000 injured.
If you want to donate online to LRC, here is the address

Could people please stop boosting known FBI contractors? Thanks!

food (vegan) 

Posted 13 photos: Homemade chips and curry sauce with not-homemade not-sausages and mushy peas. Lemon pie. Doughnuts (not pictured). #food #vegan

During lockdown, and at other times, I witnessed many spectacular sunsets, and couldn't help but take photos of every single one. I thought I was taking the same photo over and over again (but did it anyway) but some are quite varied. Here they are: #travel #lockdown

If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

Update: I am $555 from my goal now.
I am almost halfway to my gofundme goal and uni starts in 2 weeks.
I still need help paying my bursar. I will already be pay 5000 to my uni.

Here are my other links if you don’t want to use gofundme:
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Google didn't kill RSS.

They killed a popular *web client* for RSS.

The protocol is very much alive and quietly supported by many sources.

If anything the one action that really did bring harm to #RSS is Google's refusal to add RSS button support to Chrome by default and Mozilla removing it from Firefox.

Police brutality, request for aid 

One of our comrades was shot in the leg by a cop, and needs help.
Please help us take care of our most vulnerable street activists. The monetary goal is $3000.

Cashapp: $PDXhelp
Venmo: Protest-help

#Crowdfund #Portland #BlackLivesMatter

It's a very old and tired meme, but if you want to increase "digital autonomy" or "internet freedom" or just increase your privacy then it always comes back to seizing the means of information production. Companies usually have financial incentives which are not aligned with these goals. They have a lot of incentive to become bridge trolls demanding tolls, either in terms of money or monetizable personal information.

This doesn't mean that everyone needs to become a sysadmin, but it does mean that there isn't an easy way out where the trickier decisions can simply become someone else's responsibility - the "I trust Google with my XYZ" retort.

Molly de Blanc and I wrote a Declaration of #DigitalAutonomy, outlining the Principles of Digital Autonomy. We'd love to hear your thoughts:

so apparently redhat is at the point with their qa now where they'll ship a critical security patch and fail to test it on a fresh install.

if you've got redhat/centos systems, don't reboot them right now. they'll self-brick. nice work, redhat.

Surfacing this for those of you who might be interested but weren't following a different thread -

You can buy BlackBerry Q10 keyboard assemblies for US$3.50 or less each (+ shipping from HK):

Repo of all the details necessary to integrate said keyboard assembly into your own projects:


Funkwhale, search 

Finally, #Funkwhale has a dedicated search page, in addition to the autocomplete search, it's featured in the attached video.

It allows you to quickly browse lots of results, by category (track, album, artist, playlist, tag, etc.)

It's not looking good for Open Technology Fund. Signal I don't much care about, but if Tor loses its funding for a significant length of time and starts to bitrot then that would be more of a concern.

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