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The celebration of "egging" and "milkshaking" as tools of antifascist action contributes yet again to the age-old normalization of speciesist exploitation.

I'm so tired of stuff like this.

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In my book any kind of socialism that is not actually libertarian and thus disregards individuals is inherently unethical, especially explicit state socialism, which is by design authoritarian and centralist.
If someone's communal socialism is organized bottom-up and decentralized, i.e. based on the needs and decisions of the individuals concerned, then indeed it's not inherently unethical or unjust (but pretty much anarchist).
State socialism, however, is.

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There's nothing anarchist about controlling others through value extraction.
"Anarchist" capitalists are just anti-state proponents of the "freedom" to exploit those who happen to find themselves on the disadvantaged side of a power imbalance.

As far as I am concerned, "anarcho"-capitalism and capitalist "libertarianism" is nothing but plutocratism.

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The lack of revolutionary potential in most existing co-ops is one of the many reasons why cooperative/collective economic projects should already incorporate an inherently anarchist approach at the founding level, and options for long-term horizontal scalability via federation with politically & structurally compatible projects shouldn't be an afterthought.
Worker co-ops shouldn't be isolated. Instead, they should have the clear potential to be integral parts of a bottom-up needs-based economy.

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Members of a police force are humans who let themselves be employed as executives of a state's monopoly on violence.

Pigs are one of the largest groups of victims of violent speciesist exploitation.

Please stop conflating the two and stop victimizing pigs even more by using them in your awful attempts at dehumanizing members of the police!

Pigs are not to blame.

PayPal is locking accounts that are getting too many anti cop messages in the memo field. You might want to keep a low profile if you're raising or donating money right now.

If you're outside the US and want to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, but fees are discouraging you, send me a note and I'll donate to it. Then you can send your money to a cause or person in your own area. ^_^

I'll delete this post if I can no longer support the offer.

Re-occurring question (I should write a cronjob for re-posting that): What's the current state of integrating #wordpress and the #fediverse, especially when it comes to visualizing activity (comments, resharing, ...) in the fediverse on a wordpress post and displaying fediverse accounts posts in wordpress...? Maybe any other (PHP web hoster ready) blog solution suited better here? #followerpower

Please continue to donate to our Welcome Home fund! Bc we postponed our in-person event, we haven’t yet raised enough to support our comrades coming home after being taken in racist NYPD raids. Thank you for donating/sharing!
#freethemall #firetotheprisons

"...we need to be conscious of how the language of social responsibility and social health is complimentary, and not contradictory to, broader policies of social control and authoritarianism. One does not render the other impossible."

This is just to check in how much interest there is in the following:

Would you like to see Tails to run on mobile phones such as the #PinePhone?
(boost also counts as a yes)

What's Tails?
Tails a portable operating system that protects your privacy and helps you avoid censorship.

Improved the html email converter in #Freedombone such that it now uses python's email and html2text modules. html emails still may not look very attractive, but this should be an improvement over the hacky script which was used previously.

Automatically converting html emails to plain text is one of the few things which can improve your privacy and security significantly. Social engineering via email is of course still possible, but this at least rules out the technical kinds of attacks.

To do a technical attack delivered via email on Freedombone the adversary would now need to devise some cunning exploit on the email and html2text python modules, and get their changes into Debian repos which include passing reproducible builds tests and repo GPG signatures including the ones verified within STIG tests. This is a high bar.

Abolish relationships! 

Abolish relationships! 

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Bee exploitation 

@Antanicus Here's an idea: How about we stop poisoning wild bees (and exploiting honey bees!) and destroying their habitats, and instead we promote, support, and spread vegan organic farming practices that attract and support wild pollinators?

(Then we can still have robotic pollinators in addition, as long as they run free software on open hardware that is sustainable and recyclable.)

Today is the launch of a big crowdfunder campaign -- #Water4Rojava! The money raised will go towards repairing bombed infrastructure in Rojava, supporting women’s co-ops, and helping build up the regions’ infrastructure and self-reliance.

Please consider donating and spreading the word :rojava:

Campaign webpage:

This wildcat strike of Romanian agricultural workers in Bornheim (Germany) shows that struggles are possible even under conditions of racist super-exploitation:

Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.

Abolish relationships! 

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Abolish relationships! 

Zoom conferencing, free software client 

"Tails is a portable operating system that protects your privacy
and helps you avoid censorship" and now has beautiful clear home pages :)

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