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The celebration of "egging" and "milkshaking" as tools of antifascist action contributes yet again to the age-old normalization of speciesist exploitation.

I'm so tired of stuff like this.

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In my book any kind of socialism that is not actually libertarian and thus disregards individuals is inherently unethical, especially explicit state socialism, which is by design authoritarian and centralist.
If someone's communal socialism is organized bottom-up and decentralized, i.e. based on the needs and decisions of the individuals concerned, then indeed it's not inherently unethical or unjust (but pretty much anarchist).
State socialism, however, is.

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There's nothing anarchist about controlling others through value extraction.
"Anarchist" capitalists are just anti-state proponents of the "freedom" to exploit those who happen to find themselves on the disadvantaged side of a power imbalance.

As far as I am concerned, "anarcho"-capitalism and capitalist "libertarianism" is nothing but plutocratism.

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The lack of revolutionary potential in most existing co-ops is one of the many reasons why cooperative/collective economic projects should already incorporate an inherently anarchist approach at the founding level, and options for long-term horizontal scalability via federation with politically & structurally compatible projects shouldn't be an afterthought.
Worker co-ops shouldn't be isolated. Instead, they should have the clear potential to be integral parts of a bottom-up needs-based economy.

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Members of a police force are humans who let themselves be employed as executives of a state's monopoly on violence.

Pigs are one of the largest groups of victims of violent speciesist exploitation.

Please stop conflating the two and stop victimizing pigs even more by using them in your awful attempts at dehumanizing members of the police!

Pigs are not to blame.

I am making a Big Zotero Bibliography of Digital Studies for my preliminary exams

Please add things that you think are essential and (so far) missing from the bib! I am still in the process of adding citations too but this work is boring on your own.

Just putting it out there: if anyone ever wants help - debugging, problem-solving, tutoring, whatever - with the Linux CLI (bash/ksh93, GNU coreutils..., vi, emacs, sed, awk) and/or git, I'll help.

I won't make you feel bad for anything you don't already know. I promise. (Nobody ever should.)

I'll reiterate every once in a while. Boosts appreciated!

Hello fediverse!
We would like to introduce ourselves. We are working on a film about the effects of burnout on our movements, the reasons for it, as well as collective&individual strategies for preventing and/or dealing with it better.

Due to illness, the project has taken longer than planned but the film is nearing completion.

On our website you can learn more about the film. There are also interesting links around sustainable activism. When the film is finished we will post it there, as well as more in depth interviews.

The film will be in documentary format of around 1 hour. Please contact us if you would be interested to organise a screening in your community or want to support the project somehow.

Addressing these issues is key to building movements that grow from strength to strength, that have the stamina needed to be successful, and effect the change needed. Too often, people burn out and are forced to leave their movements, and with them goes their knowledge, their skills, and the relationships and networks they have formed.


Love and Rage!

extinction rebellion, climate, police 

Say hello to Heinz 🕊️ .

Heinz is a young pigeon 🕊️ with bad health, who found shelter at our place.

A friend rescued Heinz from the street (probably after an unfortunate encounter with a car).

Heinz breathes, moves, drinks and maybe eats.

We hope Heinz will make it. 🙂

#animalrescue #pigeon #gbcam

We should celebrate teenagers that take action against climate change & can't be harsh on them for seeking reformist solutions and not understanding capitalism yet

We should be VERY critical of the politicians/NGOs/media who celebrate some hand-picked teenage climate activists while ignoring organizations like Ende Gelande or Hambach occupation or the indigenous organizers that have been in this struggle for decades

They try to steer the conversation in a direction that protects the powerful.

"So what do you do for fun?"
–"Drinking coffee, cursing humanity."

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Reflections inspired by #ClimateStrike, on being part of a #coop, doing small things, and the futility of it all.

So, I realize I haven't shared with this timeline my quick pitch for "There his hope for human infrastructure starting this year" pitch.

This includes both social aspects (a reliance on rare materials is unsustainable) and technical aspects (better options didn't exist until now).


A huge battery breakthrough this year, making bulk energy storage cheaper and accessible via large sodium ion batteries:

Indonesia to criminalize consensual sex outside marriage 

The widespread misperception that the climate crisis will cause things to spin out of control fails to see how the climate crisis will most definitely inspire unprecedented *increases* in control, at borders, in cities, as geoengineering projects, and in a million other forms.

My teacher: "Someone has invented a smart stove."
Me: "Does it try to enslave humanity?"

"Your watch is beyond repair. You can come by and get it back."

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Just got an email informing me that the OpenDyslexic font (available from via ) is now SIL-OFL licensed, so there shouldn't be anything standing in your way if you want to use it in a project.

I'm not dyslexic but I appreciate the scanability of the font and really like the concept overall.

"But it’s clear that confronting the climate crisis will require something more radical than just making data greener. That’s why we should put another tactic on the table: making less data. We should reject the assumption that our built environment must become one big computer. We should erect barriers against the spread of “smartness” into all of the spaces of our lives."

hell yeah

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