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Software of the day:

Porcupine by @micahflee is awesome and simple!
It is the perfect "default web browser."
I use it for everything handling links, including Password Gorilla.


The World Wide Web Consortium’s decision to keep votes about DRM secret and that it censured the @EFF for “disclosing even vague sense of a vote” raises concerns.

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Inspiring! From The Guardian: "The cleanup operation is under way across the Caribbean. One organisation that is trying to help is the Humanitarian Open Street Map Team which compiles open sourced maps of disaster zones. So far they’ve mapped 150,000 homes affected by the storm and their information is being used by The Dutch red Cross and Map Action to determine what needs to be done. They’re also on the case for the Mexican earthquake and Bangladesh floods."

When so many of our #IT colleagues rely by default on products and services by Google And Apple, what hope is there of ever educating laypeople on the importance of #privacy, #freedom, control of their own data and the trade-offs they make every day in exchange of convenience and ease of use?

Is there any way to subscribe to bugs on github without an account? I'd like to keep track of certain bug reports via RSS/Atom.

A rave review of the Technoethical T400s, recent recipient of our Respects Your Freedom (RYF) certification:

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Robots taking jobs isn't the problem. Living in a society that only values people if they are doing something that gives them money is the problem.

Living in a world where 'nazis are bad' has somehow become controversial is also a problem.

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I'm so tired of living in a cyberpunk dystopia without all the cool things

Netflix says they use #DRM because companies demand it. Now that they're creating movies, who is making them do it?

@cwebber I am not being facetious when I recommend That is what I recommend to folks with this issue.

Of course it is available at as well.

I have a friend trying out, (iOS + #OMEMO), so that will probably be my recommendation for fruit phones.

I know it sucks to use one's mobile data when wifi should suffice, but whatcha gonna do (aside from self-hosting a web client...)?

There are now 15 new #RYF-certified devices thanks to the hard work of technoethical and the FSF licensing team!