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@bob In my book any kind of socialism that is not actually libertarian and thus disregards individuals is indeed inherently unethical, especially explicit state socialism, which is by design authoritarian and centralist.
If someone's communal socialism is organized bottom-up and decentralized, i.e. based on the needs and decisions of the individuals concerned, then indeed it's not inherently unethical or unjust (but pretty much anarchist).
State socialism, however, is.

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@wu_lee @kavbojka @fabianhjr
That is one of the many reasons why cooperative/collective economic projects should, in my opinion, already incorporate an inherently anarchist approach at the founding level, and options for long-term horizontal scalability via federation with politically and structurally compatible projects shouldn't be an afterthought.

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@wxl @h @fabianhjr As far as I am concerned, "anarcho"-capitalism and capitalist "libertarianism" is nothing but plutocratism.

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Members of a police force are humans who let themselves be employed as executives of a state's monopoly on violence.

Pigs are one of the largest groups of victims of violent speciesist exploitation.

Please stop conflating the two and stop victimizing pigs even more by using them in your awful attempts at dehumanizing members of the police!

Pigs are not to blame.

PSA: If you live where abortion's illegal or inaccessible? this organization will mail you abortion pills internationally and walk you through the process of usage for a donation amount of your choice, no minimum required.

Gitlab also makes you solve Google's captcha if you edited snippet couple of times.
One of the first things to purge Google from the internet is to replace reCaptcha.

Given upload filter stuff, it might be that the safest way to host a decentralized network going into the future is plausible deniability, which makes me think the stuff I'm working on with Spritely (eg the Golem demo) is quite timely?


I'm choosing neither.

@jz is right on this one. There's already enough free software being abused for purposes of oppression. Just look at what the big-data stuff coming out of apache is being used for at facebook and NSA, for example.

We don't need @fsfe to ask for more software to be built for such purposes. People who don't care about your ideals will already be more than happy to build it. Instead, encourage the community to build tools that clog and/or circumvent the filters!

Just straight up, we shouldn't make paper out of trees. Trees are too important of a resource to make something intended for a single use. We're probably not going to be able to avoid building with wood, but we need to transfer our paper production to something that doesn't take 20 years to grow (like hemp).

Apparently, "ZRTP End-to-End Encryption cannot Protect VBR Streams. When using ZRTP + SRTP for encryption in any stretch that goes on the clearnet, be sure to never select a VBR (variable bitrate) codec as the pauses in a conversations produce fingerprints in the encrypted stream that allow the adversary to infer what words are being said." I assume all #WebRTC based solutions (#matrix, #signal, #jitsimeet) suffer the same.
#privacy #fingerprinting #voip

Anyone any experience with a Dragino DT01 analog telephone adapter?

Please share any information you have!

At #LibrePlanet, the Freedombox Foundation announced some exciting news: you can soon buy #FreedomBox kits!

This has been years in the making. We're very proud to partner with @olimex, a company which makes open source hardware.

Sales launch soon. Order:

In the Vegan cheese front, I was completely amazed by vegan cheese made by Polish cyberpunk ravers. Serotonina cheese has a deep, complex taste and a smooth texture. The Brie-like one was great.

This was the first time I ever enjoyed a fermented nut cheese and now I see so many flavor possibilities in the future.

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A possible half way between full p2p and client/server would be to mesh the servers but leave the client/server aspect unchanged.

That way client software doesn't need to be modified and as far as it's concerned it's just the ordinary internet.

the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration is automating any sorts of decision-making about immigrants with what look like the worst kind of corporate partnerships (Azure, Google etc.). they have developed a 'robot' called Ada to deal with the process of immigrants' applications and they claim it's super effective.

I would be REALLY interested into looking into this more, like have the algorithms being audited? who is developing them? how do they work?

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biodegradable disposable cups made from gourds grown in 3d printed molds. sustainable, cheap, eco-friendly. fantastic idea. purpose-grown plants are the future of common household items. why use a semi-permanent petroleum product for something that can be done with what pretty much is elf magic?

#sustainability #solarpunk #botany #biodegradable #3dprinting

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@GIbiz Maybe they just try to play it safe while organizing, but the language in their statements sounds very "yellow union" to me, unfortunately.

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