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The celebration of "egging" and "milkshaking" as tools of antifascist action contributes yet again to the age-old normalization of speciesist exploitation.

I'm so tired of stuff like this.

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In my book any kind of socialism that is not actually libertarian and thus disregards individuals is inherently unethical, especially explicit state socialism, which is by design authoritarian and centralist.
If someone's communal socialism is organized bottom-up and decentralized, i.e. based on the needs and decisions of the individuals concerned, then indeed it's not inherently unethical or unjust (but pretty much anarchist).
State socialism, however, is.

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There's nothing anarchist about controlling others through value extraction.
"Anarchist" capitalists are just anti-state proponents of the "freedom" to exploit those who happen to find themselves on the disadvantaged side of a power imbalance.

As far as I am concerned, "anarcho"-capitalism and capitalist "libertarianism" is nothing but plutocratism.

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The lack of revolutionary potential in most existing co-ops is one of the many reasons why cooperative/collective economic projects should already incorporate an inherently anarchist approach at the founding level, and options for long-term horizontal scalability via federation with politically & structurally compatible projects shouldn't be an afterthought.
Worker co-ops shouldn't be isolated. Instead, they should have the clear potential to be integral parts of a bottom-up needs-based economy.

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Members of a police force are humans who let themselves be employed as executives of a state's monopoly on violence.

Pigs are one of the largest groups of victims of violent speciesist exploitation.

Please stop conflating the two and stop victimizing pigs even more by using them in your awful attempts at dehumanizing members of the police!

Pigs are not to blame.

GTK4 is **not** dumping accessibility features. GTK4 is still heavily under development, and as systems move around, many components will break. The intent is to fix these issues before release.

Epicyon, anti-harassment 

« The Briar Project released version 1.2 of its Android app today. This release allows users to add each other securely by exchanging links. Previously users needed to meet in person or ask a mutual contact to introduce them. »

(Si vous avez lu Zendegi de Greg Egan, Briar devrait vous rappeler le premier chapitre.)

I guess the questions are:
1) Is #platformcoop pro-worker?
2) Is #platformcoop anti-union?
3) Is #platformcoop anti-capitalist?

Year after I continue to feel like the answer to all of these might be No. Though I am iffy on 2. 🤔

Looking for people who want to translate: Chronic Illness&Activism Zine 

here's a take that's not that hot because it's clearly painfully obvious:
IQ tests are racist
IQ tests are ableist
IQ tests do not provide any actual basis for intelligence, wisdom, ability, or creativity which are abstract concepts all varying in meanings and degrees, and using IQ score numbers and results as a way to prove ones superiority over others is disingenuous as fuck and completely false.

"As deportations rise for Southeast Asian Americans, we want to show how families, organizers, and formerly incarcerated individuals have successfully fought for their freedom—and show that others can fight and win, too. The following stories highlight individuals who have survived, persisted, and resisted the many fronts of state-sponsored violence. They are stories of deep pain, stories of triumph, and most importantly, stories of hope."

Ethics is an absolutely critical topic for FOSS, so we added a new topic to the #CopyleftConf CFP this year, "How copyleft fits in with other efforts to build ethical technology" If you've got thoughts on that, we would love to hear them.

Laser-Based Audio Injection on Voice-Controllable Systems
Light Commands is a vulnerability of MEMS microphones that allows attackers to remotely inject inaudible and invisible commands into voice assistants, such as Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Portal, and Apple Siri using light. In our paper we demonstrate this effect, successfully using light to inject malicious commands into several voice controlled devices such as smart speakers, tablets, and phones across large distances and through glass windows.
#Security #Hacking #Cloud

Upcoming Genocide, Roma is an #AGPL licensed #ActivityPub protocol compliant federated #social #network server suitable for hosting a small number of accounts on low power systems requiring minimal maintenance, such as single board computers. It's the ActivityPub equivalent of an email server, storing posts as human readable #JSON on file, rather than in a database. It also uses only a small amount of RAM.

An Internet of People, Not Corporate Agendas

"The option isn't Electron vs native, it's Electron vs nothing"

Well, no. If it wasn't for #Electron, developers who want to make "apps" would actually go and learn how to make apps, you know.

Look at how native apps used to flourish on the desktop back when Electron (and the "modern" web) wasn't a thing. Look at the mobile app market, where Electron still isn't a thing.

spanish phone tracking 

just realized that FreeCAD has a full CAM thing for milling etc built in... it's the Path workbench

Tails 'is looking for a design contractor to create illustrations explaining what is Tails and how it works'

9 people have died this year alone in Santa Rita

"Prisoners inside Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA are staging a one day hunger strike and work stoppage to protest widespread institutional neglect and abuse, including unsanitary living conditions, price gouging, poor medical care, forced labor, and lack of access to legal resources"

Your #router is important equipment because it connects your devices to the internet. However, many Internet Service Providers in Europe are imposing their specific routers to customers. The #FSFE helps you to become active for #RouterFreedom!

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