Microsoft's support of Windows 7 is over, but its life doesn't have to end. Join me in calling on Microsoft to by signing

After using a laptop for about 3 years, finally I could find out that its touchpad has a middle button! 🐸

Suffering from severe pain in my eyes for last couple of days, especially when I work on my notebook. 😞

ShoeTool - an animated fairy tale about an elf shoemaker who thinks he buys a machine to help him make shoes... only to find out that there are there are strings attached to his "purchase."

Watch at,

What are your New Year's resolutions for 2020? πŸ“‹

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The Internet shutdown in Kashmir just entered its 134th day, making it the longest on record for a democracy



Fun poll: How often do you drink coffee or coffee based drinks?


I think I'm about to have a fever again! πŸ€’

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twitter that 7 is barely visible, what if I was colorblind?

mastodon would do this better, hint hint

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If you are a developer of free Android software you might be interested in this job opportunity posted by the GNU Taler project:

It's specifially targeting F-Droid :).

#foss #jobs #android #fdroid #gnu #taler

Hello, world! Back to Mastodon after ages. 😍

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