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Licensing info for the header photo: "The Crossing Over" by Enamur Reza is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Flickr URL:

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Pixelfed for Android and iOS is in active development.

We'll be looking for beta testers next month!

#pixelfed #ios #android

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How would you feel if Google knew whether you're having unprotected sex? Or whether you're depressed? And also use this to serve you targeted ads?

If that's not a future you want, ask @EU_Commission to block the Google/Fitbit merger.


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Carnet is a free open source alternative to Google Keep. It lets you take notes and sync them with a NextCloud account. You can follow Carnet here:


It's available for Android (through FDroid and Google Play) and NextCloud. The website is at

Developers can help out at

Translators can help out at

#Carnet #NextCloud #Android #GoogleKeep #Alternatives #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre #Notes #FDroid

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Are you aware that @gnome and Endless are running a Community Education Challenge? Join, submit your idea💡, contribute to FOSS and you may even win $20,000 💰 for your project!

I've designed this "Gold Bitcoin" clipart and published it on Openclipart. 🎨

Get it here,

Please, buy me a cup of coffee, if you find this clipart useful for your work (Bitcoin address: 1PeLb5RKcGdxJ4K9UMS9yA3Y38xYjU3xCb). ☕

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We are pleased to announce a new and revamped #glimpse project wiki!

While it is primarily geared towards developers and potential contributors, the "Known Issues" pages may be particularly useful to end users.

I had never been so careful to add "Alt" text to photos (though I don't share photos often). I believe I'd be aware of this from now on.

Why You Should Add Alt Text to Twitter Images ―

Zoom CEO says it won't encrypt free calls because it wants to share them with law enforcement ―

I wonder, how cruel human beings can be! 🙂

Pregnant Elephant Dies After Being Fed Pineapple Filled With Explosives ―

It's a good sign that many people are migrating to GNU/Linux. Now we need to help them learn the history and philosophical ideas behind GNU/Linux, so that they realize GNU/Linux is not just another GRATIS (free as in beer) operating system.

Why GNU/Linux Adoption Skyrocketed in 2020 ―

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Want to become a #nextcloud hero? Help out with the External Sites app, its maintainer lacks time and the app needs some #VueJS love!

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So because there aren’t enough yaks to shave, I was working with CSS today and getting frustrated that I couldn’t comment out code that had comments in it so I hacked together a very basic VSCode / VSCodium extension called Comment Out CSS (so imaginative) that lets you do that.


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🎉 Time to update: Tor Browser 9.5 is out now.

This Tor Browser release is focused on helping you understand and use onion services.

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