tomorrow i'll be one step closer to perma living with @tempura :blobmelt:

me: joins call with girlfriend
her: "dang you look worse than usual"

there's a decent amount about how to be a good ally to a partner with an eating disorder but there isn't much about coping with it yourself :blobsad:

When you're sad but you don't wanna talk about it to people because instead of cheering you up you'll just make people sad :blobsweats:

Sometimes I think the world would be better if I didn't exist but then sometimes I have a realization that I actually don't want to exist for my own selfish reasons

ed stuff ;-; 

>planning a trip for my gf to come to my country
>"oh the flights cost you a lot of money, how can i make the expense more fair between us?"
>"oh just pay for food when i'm there"
>hmm usually she doesn't make it this easy to pay for things for her
>realize just fucking now that she has an eating disorder so it was all a fuckin meme

ed mention (+) 

oh and as a bonus!!! i just ate a wHOLE hamburger. all of it! likee i’m actually kind of proud? it’s weird. i mean i feel like i wanna die because of how full i feel but no yeeting urges c:

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