I was re-watching ERB and Thor vs Zeus is absolutely savage 😂

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The Web Design Museum is a fascinating set of screenshots of early websites:


I think sticking this owl to back of my phone was neat idea :D

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This is the best combination of form factor, keyboard layout, indicators and "case features" I found to this day. That's not just me being nostalgic, I really would love exactly this device with up to date hardware.

A locking notebook lid. All those indicator LEDs. This magnificent keyboard. No touchpad. And those mouse keys 💜

after two years „Empire of the clouds” still gives me a chills 💚

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only ending left and I'm done with my master thesis. fucking finally 😌


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so can #redoxOS answer the question every #OS has to answer?

"how is this better than #Plan9 ?"

like, I get that they took inspiration from it but a lot of the cool things Plan 9 has (like rio, acme) seem to be missing

and how are URLs better than files?

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We just finished playing with my GF and I think it's gonna be awesome!

Pandoc is great. I hard to tell how much time it saved me.

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Extraordinarily disappointed to hear about the #RedHat acquisition. They were the shining example of making a big open source business sustainable.

I don't know what this is going to mean for the community...

No wonder why Google's attempt at social network failed. Have you ever used yt comments notifications? This shit is beyond useless.

It's interesting that sometimes bad game turns out to be good when you play it with your own self imposed restrictions and rules.

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People running successful open source projects: what do you do when the rate of PRs grows beyond what you can handle? How do you ensure that PRs have had at least one collaborator respond, without being drowned in notifications/emails yourself?

Please RT for reach.

Flat earth believers and moon landing deniers are fucking dumbest creatures on earth

I'v been working on my master thesis today.
I wrote short chapter about Raymond Queneau. I have to read whole „Exercices de style” sometime, it's awesome!

Playing Vim Golf challenges with is pretty fun. I just bet best score of this challenge by 5 keys on second attempt 🤘


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