continuing my scathing review of VR technology:

lol microsoft, not knowing what "variety" and "several" mean

more videogame related nonsense / Half-Life 



Uber, uspol adjacent 

"Civility is Overrated: Reconstruction's Failure has lessons for today" article about uspol, racism 

food, catdad's xlb adventure 

cat :) 

another incident in the ongoing gender reveal war πŸ˜”

uspol / taxing billionaires 

i don't remember where i saw this originally linked, so it may have been here...

this talk by Kenny Foner is about mental health in academia, but I think it applies in general. I really really felt these particular slides about what "laziness" is or isn't

uspol, tonight's elections 

oh, my god? i've stepped into a time machine, it's 2017 again what the hell

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