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catdad 💖 @tcql

get the fuck out with your traditionalist family values, python

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@benhamill @tcql @href
Isn't there another bit of lore within the Erlang/OTP world where conference goers had boarded a flight home, many of them with matching shirts reading "Let it crash"?

Must have been fun to explain one.

@cooler_ranch @benhamill @href oh dear now i want one of those shirts for my next flights

@cooler_ranch @benhamill @tcql haha! I never heard this story but I wouldn't be surprised if it were true. :D

I experienced a similar reaction at work with a secretary that was SHOCKED about what I was saying about childs :D

@href @tcql I had a great exchange, when learning about the whole "if fork succeeds it returns the PID of the new child process for the parent, and zero for the child" thing:

"no john, yoh ARE the daemon!"
and then john was a zombie

@href @tcql I wonder what the people who hate abortion would think if they heard a conversation involving the SIGABRT signal....

@href @tcql Good thing you didn’t mention zombies…

@tcql those values go all the way back to POSIX iirc

@KitRedgrave @tcql one hypothetic day when we have timetravel, I will ignore any timetravel paradox issues and coin the term 'gods' instead of daemons so that we can "kill" gods and their children and demigods.

@tcql @KitRedgrave zombie gods will be a common thing, trust me.