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2017: mastodon instances
2018: everybody writes their own ActivityPub server from scratch, the fediverse gets real weird

@tcql I've found a lot of faith in Pleroma. And it's wirtten in Elixir so I can contribue a lot :) Made a small alt instance on it,

@href ya i'm getting into elixir now so my interest is piqued about pleroma

@href @tcql hey cool, I was wondering if something like this existed in Elixir land!

death/annihilation, joking reference to trump Show more

@tcql 2019: everybody fluently speaks activitypub, and communicate using netcat. high speed is achieved with voice through a federation of mumble servers since the vson (voice json) specification.

@CobaltVelvet yooooo vson sounds great

it'll spin off a couple of variants for faster parsing and streaming; ud+vson ("uhhh"-delimited vson) and sd+vson ("stop"-delimited vson, which functions like oldschool telegrams, where you say "stop" between syntactically valid interpretable segments of a message)

@tcql I’m thinking the next step is opening ActivityPub servers to any AS2 activity (not just Note/Article) then it gets fun.

@sivy ??? Nothing about the spec limits the type of activities you can send....

@nightpool yeah, I was confusing Mastodon’s implementation with the spec

@tcql @dtluna brb, writing activity pub server on daisychained bash scripts.

@tcql I wouldn't bet on that. Very few people run their own email servers, let alone implement them.

@tcql And I'm contributing to this trend by wanting to write an ActivityPub server as a way to learn Rust.

@tcql To paraphrase William Gibson, the future's nearly here, and it's completely distributed? Also

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