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catdad 💖 @tcql

to combat "hey guys" a friend of mine made a site that will give you a gender neutral alternative every time you refresh

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@tcql What if we just adopted ”hey geese” in general use? 🤣

@tcql @inmysocks One of the big flaws in English - no good 2nd-person-plural. As a Midwestern, I grew up saying "you guys", but anymore I've started using plurals like "y'all/you all", "you lot", "you two", etc. to get away from "you guys".

@Mentalina @inmysocks it's a real shame that y'all has regional / social connotations for many folks - it's such a wonderful & logical construction

@inmysocks @tcql I KNOW! "Y'all" is so useful and elegant, and it stinks that it has this unfair connotation of ignorance or lack of education. I hope it catches on broadly outside of the South and loses that.

@tcql Now that'll come in handy next time I'm in a meeting with a load of timely processes... 'Hi cron-ies!' (;*

@jec @tcql "y'all" merits adoption across the entire anglophone world. gender-neutral, friendly and concise.

@tcql I got "hey playmates". Seems pretty… specific

@tcql I had attempted to use "folks" as a gender-neutral term in verbal conversation, but it didn't go over well, hm.

@tcql I got hey bosom buddies. I like it.