I joined mastodon and loved the generally friendlier atmosphere (which I realize has not exactly been everybody's experience here)

But the longer I've used it, the more I've realized how much I love the freedom from ads, trackers, and feed algorithms

not to say that I don't think the community atmosphere isn't a major selling point / isn't still good.

I just don't think I realized before how much an effect some of the actual platform's features have

@tcql It warps your mind. On Twitter I found myself behaving like a brand: self-promotion, curating my "personal brand," always being bland and milquetoast. In retrospect it shouldn't be surprising since that's what the platform is honed for.

@nolan yea, on twitter, I tweeted about work or tried to make polished / shiny tech showoff gifs. Sometime in the last year it slid entirely into "argh i'm mad about politics" but before that it was all brand-y.

Here I'm much more a whole person. I make shitposts and get some likes & laughs, but mostly I just toot about what I'm thinking or feeling or I care about.

@tcql And for a lot of us! Thanks to be there like everyone there :-)

I was once a part of an group in facebook. It was very friendly, people were nice. But then came Indian national level elections and people were divided left and right. There were ugly fights. Some quit the group in disgust. Things were never the same again.

Everyone got to see the sides of others they had been hiding for long and it was not pleasant.
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