just think; to soup, everything is a bowl

like if you ate soup with a fork that soup wouldn't be thinking "weird this is a fork", it'd be thinking "aaa holy shit i'm falling off this weird-ass funky flat pointy bowl back into the bowl i was in before aaaaaaa"

here's another think to consider:

juice is what happens when you squeeze fruits
milk is what happens when you squeeze cows or goats or apparently some nuts(??)

so like, milk is juice then.
and a cow is a very odd shaped milk carton.

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@tcql I... feel like somehow this might be what helps me truly come to grok "I am not a part of everything, I am within everything" more than anything I've read or wrote. (see one of my recent posts for context)

@emsenn yes

learn deep truths by comprehending and sharing experience with transcendent soup

@tcql oh shit and i've got stuff to make soup i'll get on it

@tcql this is, uh. I'm having a lot to think about from this toot


except cold. Enough cold turns soup into its own bowl.

@tcql then soup is indistinguishable from our own cognition. All things are bowls for our cognitive perceptions, even those perceptions themselves.

And you eat soup from a bowl, with help from a smaller bowl

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