see also: dark zuckerberg, identifiable by the menacing goatee and radical anticapitalism



the zuckerburglar
mirror universe zuck

@tcql @garbados
Mario : Wario :: Zuckerberg : Suckerberg

This raises additional questions, such as: who is Zuckerberg's Luigi & and their Waluigi?

@conatus @garbados

it still bothers me that the opposite of Luigi is Waluigi, not Гuigi

@tcql @garbados Yeah the standard model of mario characters has gaping holes.

see also the recent discovery of Bowsette which suggest and underlying pattern:
Toad : Toadette
Bowser : Bowsette
??? : ???

@conatus @garbados

the internet is horny for Zuckerbergette and it's Very Disturbing™

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