what if we...
started unions...
at our tech jobs...
aha, just kidding


gonna post this in my work slack, see what people say

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@tcql genuinely trying but it's weird because the one time that I'm aware of engineers going on strike (Boeing)was super powerful, but engineers are super not into thinking collectively.

@tcql just keep joking about it. Until. It. Really. Lands.

Older conservative at my work: "no amount of talent or good engineering cannot be pissed away by bad management!"

He's so close, let's talk about people's motivations... Maybe management defines success differently?

Tech is the blue collar labor of this "information age". For many the money has been good enough, and the mental abuse and burnout hasn't been tangible enough for them risk it for themselves. And those that _do_ risk it, those worried of such unions can frame as the loser.

I don't doubt that unions will begin to occur when situations get out of control.

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