👀 anybody got some notable contributions to STEM by trans/gnc folks? Looking to do some highlight sfor a Trans Day of Visibility event.

Sophie Wilson popped to mind instantly, but looking for more :)

@tcql Ben Barres (1954–2017), pioneering neurobiologist and trans man! he’s also the source of this infamous quote, which he overheard at his first conference post-transition:

“Ben gave a great seminar today, but his work is much better than his sister’s.”

@tcql STEM is pretty broad -- I know programming best, and there's a lot there: Lynne Conway, did major fundamental stuff in chip design, Audry Tang, who developed Perl 6 and has been more recently working on political-infrastructure software while serving as a minister in the Taiwanese government, Tim Chevalier, did a lot of early stuff in Rust, etc. etc. etc. ...

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