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catdad πŸ’–

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have you questioned your gender yet today?

start now! we have to figure out what it knows! it could be the key to saving everyone!

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hey hi hello i'm catdad

α΅ˆα΅’α΅‰Λ’ ᡗʰᡃᡗ ᡐᡉᡃⁿ ʰᡉ'Λ’ ᡃ αΆœα΅ƒα΅— ᡗʰᡃᡗ'Λ’ ᡃ α΅ˆα΅ƒα΅ˆ
α΅’Κ³ ᡐᡃʸᡇᡉ ʰᡉ'Λ’ ᡗʰᡉ ᢠᡃᡗʰᡉʳ α΅’αΆ  ˒ᡒᡐᡉ αΆœα΅ƒα΅—Λ’
ᡐᡃʸᡇᡉ ᡇᡒᡗʰ...?


i uh make jokes, love my frendos, occasionally make jokes about: (gameing | america sucking | otters | computers | lol "toot")

i'm known for: (overusing πŸ’– | doing weird toot formatting like this right now what is this | surrealist follow friday | talking about maps who even cares | the news; BREAKING! everything is a fuck)

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@ccolocho AND I DID A THING

We talked all about Bodega and why it's Badβ„’, why Square is Goodβ„’, and why Silicon Valley is always disrupting the wrong things

i'm too lazy for playlists usually

i just star songs i like on spotify and listen through the liked songs list.

i've probably listened through this list hundreds of times now, periodically adding one or two new things.

some of it has gotten kind of old by this point.

right now, i could listen the newest 10 or so things on the list on repeat and probably be cool with it though

tired: science blog
wired: science mastodon

when you get a new GPU and you can play all those games your system couldn't run

here me out,
a trebuchet but THREE of them

a TRIbuchet, if you will

There's an Indie game called "Kobold Gardens", in which you can now apparently pet virtual Kobolds in VR! :D :DD
"Kobold Garden Update 5: Virtualbolds" [2:40]


spacex but multi-stage trebuchets

i need 420 million $


can i build a trebuchet in ksp

yes of course I know what a network stack is

It has been a while, but here is a #crochet friend I made:

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