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death, child abuse, 🇲🇾 news 

now, to be clear, this isn't a just a religious school problem.

I don't even know if it's a boarding schools problem. Reports are hard to come by, and Malaysian rape culture is alive and kicking like no one's business.

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death, child abuse, 🇲🇾 news 

a child died today.

he went to a religious boarding school, was beaten so bad that doctors had to amputate his legs.

then he slipped into a coma, and died.

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This morning's commute was so filled with curveballs and challenges that I'm finding that I really don't want to make any decisions, or expend any will. my volitional systems are tapped out.

I've had moments where I've felt difficulty managing emotions. I've had physical symptoms manifest because of exhaustion. and I've had moments of difficulty focusing.

so getting this… cannot / will not decide, cannot / will not *will to do* is… interesting?

Learning new things.

okay, too angry. i have to hurry for work and i just got up but I'm too angry.

gonna eat my breakfast.

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and no, your don't get to talk about how it's impossible that discrimination of Muslims cannot possibly be racist since it's a religion...

...when the first victims of hate crimes after 9/11 were SIKHS.

how do you know if someone was as devout Muslim, by the way? by racialised features, including having a tendency to grow beards, and “looking Muslim”?

fuck off.

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politics, religion 

don't you dare use my religion as a rhetorical tool to defend your security state

my brother-in-law was stopped by the DHS while entering the US because he no longer had his Christian name, also he's brown and tall and burly. a friend just lamented that she gets patted down, REPEATEDLY, not because she's a devout Muslim — she's NOT — but because she's dark-skinned and has an “Arabic” name.

you do not use my religion in defense of your security state.

TIL that someone actually made malware that seems out unsecured IOT devices, infects them, and then BRICKS them:

Someone in the comments days that 'tis a pity that this malware isn't an omnipresent threat, rather than being released in bursts, which... I guess kind of illustrates how fucked up the IOT field is.

So unless Elon Musk is planning on running a charity to provide BMI devices to the people who would benefit most and can least afford them, yeah, I've got concerns.

(Also, I've read /Flowers for Algernon/ and /The Terminal Man/. Not that I expect them to be predictors of the future, they're just a part of my cultural consciousness surrounding BMI.)

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The author mentions LASIK as a technology that sparked initial fears but soon caught on, but elides a fundamental concern: we can sharply divide society into "people who would benefit from LASIK and can afford it" and "people who would benefit from LASIK and can't afford it". And brain-machine interfaces (BMI) are unlikely to be /cheaper/ than LASIK. Beyond that, the people who would most likely benefit from BMI are among those LEAST likely to be able to afford it.

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Reading this article: the author mentions that he doesn't get why people are worried about "brain chip implants for much improved cognitive abilities". I'm worried about it, and I can tell you exactly why: it has nothing to do with the technology, and is social and financial.

Simply put: society already puts a premium on "intelligence". So, say we invent a chip that "improves our cognitive abilities".

Who will be able to afford it? Who won't?

Speaking of income, if you're interested in hiring an autodidact full-stack developer who's got the patience to look for difficult edge-case solutions (and the understanding to know when they're edge cases), or if you know someone who is, please drop me a line.

(Regardless, please boost this status so others can see it - especially if you're on another instance!)

I went from being completely indifferent to tau fu fa to GOBBLING IT EVERY CHANCE I COULD GET because someone actually made it from soy milk (made from soy beans they bought from Chinatown).

I ended up FALLING IN LOVE with okra, somehting I wouldn't have looked at twice when I was home.

Homesickness can fuck you up in the most fundamental of ways.

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Yeah you can Facetime your s/o and you can call your family for free but seriously who wouldn't want to taste Boh Tea again? Come on, now.

I hate driving. I dislike cars. I can drive, but if given the choice, I'd rather take public transport.

If you gave me infinite money I'd give it to the government with the stipulation that priority be given to improving public transport so that it'd be downright PLEASANT for people to get around.

Actually if you give me infinite money I'd start Hilbert Hotel-ing the fuck out of everyone. Who'd like infinite money? Let's give everyone infinite money. Let's all go post-scarcity, how about that?

I just got off the phone from someone from the Merdeka Centre ( That was odd.

“Sir, if you could rate your current satisfaction of your living conditions, what would you rate?”

Not great.

“Do you have any suggestions on what $(MUNICIPAL_COUNCIL) can do to improve it?”

Friend, if they could overthrow predatory capitalism I'd be happy, but they can't.

I once tried using a miso strainer I bought at Daiso to put all of the noodles in, so that once it was done I could take it out and complete cooking the veg and egg.

the strainer took too much space in the pot, tho, and in the end would have diluted the soup, which would have defeated the point of cooking the egg in, which always subdues the taste. which is why you put in less water in the first place.

and it complicates cooking flavors with seasonings embedded in the noodles.


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Too bad the Mamee Chef lines are so fcuking pricey, tho. And the lontong flavor is great, but feels like it'd be so bad for me. I can feel my BP spiking after eating it.

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Like, ramen flavors are, at worst, pale imitations of the thing you're imitating, and at the best, they evoke other feelings and become their own things by themselves.

Which is why Mamee Curry noodles are perennially popular, and honestly, I think it's why the spouse likes the Mamee duck flavor noodles. They don't taste exactly like the things they're trying to simulate, but are their own things.

I have to say tho that the Mamee Chef flavor that comes close is Lontong. That was SOMETHING.

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I also once tried the Mamee Chef Curry Laksa flavor that they had that some gwailo raved over and said it was the best ramen flavor EVER.

and… it's pretty good! it very cleverly incorporates coconut milk powder and has the tofu skins in the whole mix, and it was pretty good!

But here's the thing. It's not curry laksa tho. If I wanted curry laksa I'd eat curry laksa.

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