imagine that. we haven't even covered comfort women, the Burmese Death Rail...

all of that happened and got to get completed in Spencer's universe. isn't that nice?

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my father-in-law was born in the jungle, because his father was being hunted by the Japanese.

there's a bridge called “the red bridge” in Melaka, because the Japanese Kampeitai used the bridge for executions.

oh yes, why don't you defend an author who says that the Axis were supposed to win? please, let's hear this.

@tariqk plus, that blogger/writer's #hottake to say that people will look to it in the future as a rallying cry for Neo-Nazis everywhere?, come on, dude. that's such a wild ass stretch that I can't possibly take seriously

@tariqk I really don't understand people getting upset with Spencer and Secret Empire. The story is goddamn fantastic, but the need people have to say it's causing "harm" when right wind rhetoric was popping way before this story was even an idea. It's literally one of the most refreshing comics out right now, and a revamp for Captain America as a character in general.

@treefolio what stretch? that was a literal picture used by neo-Nazis. it's a manip of the original image. it's a thing, it lives on online, forever. what more do you need?

@treefolio how is it that you're able to quantify what harm Spencer's done to the safety of non-white fans and balance it with whatever “freshness” he's added to Captain 🇺🇸's narrative?

What is it that you know that other non-white fans living under Trump, and seeing Nazi cap being used by white supremacists, don't? What pisses me off is when then you have people who go OH MY GODD YOU CAN'T CUT $HORRIBLE_PERSON FROM YOUR CONSIDERATION, YOU'RE CREATING A BUBBLE, YOU'LL IMPOVERISH YOURSELF, because that's a bullshit argument. I don't think you do. I can understand why, to some degree? The systems surrounding you work hard to maintain that level of bubble. Working past it requires constant effort, and it feels like you're standing still.

So I *have* *some* sympathy for people who, you know what, don't have the spoons to push through. We can't do our praxis perfectly.

But it's not impossible. It can be done! And it doesn't hurt one in the long run to do it.

Like, and that's like LITERALLY cutting off, say, the majority. I'm not even proposing that. Just cut out the assholes. What's the harm?

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There have been people who've refused, on principle, for a year, to not read books by men, or by white people, or by straight people. What happened to them?

Well, they worked really hard, but then they discovered that there was a BROADER universe of things beyond the usual works that were considered canons. I recall reading testimonies of these exercises and they were like, “Hey, I really broadened by horizons. There's so much good work out there that doesn't get recognition.”

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Like, I mean, is it that difficult to say, because this person has caused harm, I refuse to look at their work? I refuse to even put it into consideration?

What would be the consequences? Well, you'd not look at their work. And yeah, you've narrowed the field a bit.

But the field is so. Fucking. Broad. There are so. Many. Other. People.

You'll have to look harder to find worthy work, but… is that such a problem?

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I was reading a bit about Nick Spencer and Captain America and there is a *lot* of commentary that begins with “I like Nick Spencer's work. He's not a bad author. But…”

I'm like… if I had to get paid to feel obligated to say what a good creator this person was, despite being work that causes harm / being a bigot / being a rapist/murderer…

I'd be very, very, very rich.

uols: I don't use content warnings, because what would be the point? If you don't like it just unfollow or block me.

me: ah. okay! (immediately mutes)

Cap 🇺🇸 

“But the legacy of “Secret Empire” isn’t going to be the snappy dialogue or the intense pacing. It’s not going to be the beautiful art by Daniel Acuña, Rod Reis, or any of the other artists slated for future issues. It’s going to be that, in the midst of a far-right regime change, the people who looked to Captain America as an example weren’t the marginalized and the oppressed, but the Nazis.”

Kid nails it lol

On the plus side they're at the stage in life where winning doesn't matter, losing doesn't matter, everything is about THROWING DICE and MOVING TOKENS.

Like they'll CHEER when their piece gets eaten by a snake.

Why can't gamers be like this forever?

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Actually child numero uno is at the age where they ABSOLUTELY LOVE snakes and ladders and ludo and there's this ridiculous toilet game and spurts out water—

But they still treats the lose condition of Jenga / UNO Stacko as EPIC WIN condition, and they're still unclear on some of the subtleties of rules…

Plus they're REALLY loud and hyper…

So yeah. Can't realistically bring them to places where they play Serious™ Tabletop Games.

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Oh my god Saturday is International Tabletop Day?

…but I have children 😭

Listen, YouTube, I was just CURIOUS about Dr. Who, and I watched a few clips. You don't NEED to flood my recommends now with Dr. Who, plzkthx.

fascism, politics 



The closest I can think about is homonationalism, but that has ties to how fascism and hyper-masculinity often go hand-in-hand:

Does this fit well here? I don't know.

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