I was reading a bit about Nick Spencer and Captain America and there is a *lot* of commentary that begins with “I like Nick Spencer's work. He's not a bad author. But…”

I'm like… if I had to get paid to feel obligated to say what a good creator this person was, despite being work that causes harm / being a bigot / being a rapist/murderer…

I'd be very, very, very rich.

@tariqk I really don't understand people getting upset with Spencer and Secret Empire. The story is goddamn fantastic, but the need people have to say it's causing "harm" when right wind rhetoric was popping way before this story was even an idea. It's literally one of the most refreshing comics out right now, and a revamp for Captain America as a character in general.


@treefolio how is it that you're able to quantify what harm Spencer's done to the safety of non-white fans and balance it with whatever “freshness” he's added to Captain 🇺🇸's narrative?

What is it that you know that other non-white fans living under Trump, and seeing Nazi cap being used by white supremacists, don't?

@tariqk what harm has Spencer done? right wing rhetoric (in America) was happening around and before the election cycle, before that was happening in Sweden, ramping up in France currently, etc. it's a stretch because Cap is literally a blonde, blue-eyed white male and has likely been used in Neo-nazi art before. this isn't a new thing.

@tariqk mind you Cap has been turned before. again, not a new thing.

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