I was reading a bit about Nick Spencer and Captain America and there is a *lot* of commentary that begins with “I like Nick Spencer's work. He's not a bad author. But…”

I'm like… if I had to get paid to feel obligated to say what a good creator this person was, despite being work that causes harm / being a bigot / being a rapist/murderer…

I'd be very, very, very rich.

Like, I mean, is it that difficult to say, because this person has caused harm, I refuse to look at their work? I refuse to even put it into consideration?

What would be the consequences? Well, you'd not look at their work. And yeah, you've narrowed the field a bit.

But the field is so. Fucking. Broad. There are so. Many. Other. People.

You'll have to look harder to find worthy work, but… is that such a problem?


There have been people who've refused, on principle, for a year, to not read books by men, or by white people, or by straight people. What happened to them?

Well, they worked really hard, but then they discovered that there was a BROADER universe of things beyond the usual works that were considered canons. I recall reading testimonies of these exercises and they were like, “Hey, I really broadened by horizons. There's so much good work out there that doesn't get recognition.”

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Like, and that's like LITERALLY cutting off, say, the majority. I'm not even proposing that. Just cut out the assholes. What's the harm?

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