Oh my god Saturday is International Tabletop Day?

…but I have children 😭


Actually child numero uno is at the age where they ABSOLUTELY LOVE snakes and ladders and ludo and there's this ridiculous toilet game and spurts out water—

But they still treats the lose condition of Jenga / UNO Stacko as EPIC WIN condition, and they're still unclear on some of the subtleties of rules…

Plus they're REALLY loud and hyper…

So yeah. Can't realistically bring them to places where they play Serious™ Tabletop Games.

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On the plus side they're at the stage in life where winning doesn't matter, losing doesn't matter, everything is about THROWING DICE and MOVING TOKENS.

Like they'll CHEER when their piece gets eaten by a snake.

Why can't gamers be like this forever?

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