Now I'm remembering that Confucius story about how some dude was asking him, so like your four fave disciples, what they like.

And Confucius was like, they're awesome. This one's more compassionate, this one's more generous, this one's smarter, this one's braver.

And the dude was like, then wtf are they following you?!?!

And Confucius was like, “Because I saw these qualities in them. Also those qualities I mentioned, these guys don't know how to fcuking moderate them.”

And dude went, “Bruh.”

Like, what I got from this when I first read it was, “What's important isn't having l33t sk1llz, what's important is being able to recognize l33t sk1llz”.

I was a teen then tho. Now I think the lesson is, “Find those people who have l33t sk1llz, take care of them, make them l33ter, and be their biggest fans until the end.”

Which is awesome advice.

I'm now imagining Confucius dancing to himself and silently squeeing and in his head he's going “look at my smol bbs growin up”, which is honestly really.

Mind you, I was always a Mencius guy. He was *salty*. One time someone asked him about the kings Jie and Zhou, and he was like, who the fuck are those guys? I only know two assholes named Jie and Zhou, not kings. And I was like, holy shit tho SICK BURN.

Mencius did these dialogues with King Hui of Liang, I know that, and I was always impressed by the brass balls it took to sit down with a dude who had HIS OWN FUCKING ARMY during the age of WARRING STATES (so yeah, you KNOW this dude knew how to use those armies), and King Hui would be like, Master Meng, look at me humblebrag and Mencius would be like LOL, followed by shading the fuck out of King Hui.

Like that bit about the parable about the deserting soldiers? I'd have gone LOL r u srs u ass?


Like literally King Hui was like, I bust my ass doing this busywork, see my virtue! And yet my people don't increase, why is that, Master Meng?

And Mencius was like, oh FFS how do I get it past this dude's thick skull that you need to change what the game before you start seeing results, diligence ain't gonna work, I know!

Your Majesty is fond of war, are you not?

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Honestly that parable was like a very polite way of telling King Hui “DON'T HALF-ASS YOUR THINKING, YOU DENSE FUCK”.

Did he have to leave the Wei very quickly after that, you think?

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