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I think honestly if you're from a honest-to-goodness colonized nation who overthrew their masters or gained their independence, you literally have, not only your lived experience, but also your history, to avoid actually misunderstanding what Audre Lorde said when she said: “The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House.”

And yet, I swear as I am sitting here, I've seen someone do that. Someone educated and supposedly well-read.

It's so embarrassing.

post-colonial thought, feminism 

Also, anyone take a gander at who the founding fathers of 🇲🇾 are, and realized… holy shit, all of them are literally rich English public school boys or equivalents.

All of them. Tunku Abdul Rahman (Cambridge boy), HS Lee (read law in Cambridge), Tan Cheng Lock (couldn't go to Cambridge, decided to teach at Raffles), Leong Yew Koh (U of London) VT Sambanthan (okay, he didn't, he went to Annamalai)…

They were all rich boys. Rich, English-speaking boys.

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Let's not talk about Lee Kuan Yew, okay. He went to Cambridge.


I know so many Chinese uncles and boys who all secretly want to be him.


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Actually I remember that one time Lee Hsien Loong (LKY's eldest boy, and current PM of 🇸🇬, okay, Majulah Singapura, can have dynasty no trouble liddat) posted that answer to that programming question and everyone was like, oooh ahhh what a statesman, so clever he, know C++ liddat fuyoo

And I'm like, bhai. I'd be more impressed if he demonstrated some PMP-level shit, because coding you can learn in days.

Actually if his answer was in Lisp I'd be impressed.

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post-colonial thought, feminism 

What am I saying don't get a political leader who can code, guise, get a political leader who can manage people, geez.

post-colonial thought, feminism 


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