🇲🇾 news 

So it turns out that they're talking about how WhatsApp admins can go to jail for failing to stop the spread of seditious materials.

Wow, that'll stop rumour-mongering.

🇲🇾 history & law 

Our Sedition Act is super-interesting, tho! It's a colonial holdover (it was enacted in 1948 by the British, and was just never repealed), and, unlike other Sedition Acts, except maybe 🇸🇬, it has a clause which prohibits shit that promotes ill-will and hostility between different races and classes of the population.

🇲🇾 history & law 

Which is, of course, bullshit.

Certain newspapers here, owned by the government, ferment practically hate speech with little to no consequence.

Zakir Naik, who fled 🇮🇳 because he's a anti-Hindu bigot who dresses himself up as a “comparative religions” scholar (i.e. a poor man's Reverse Orientalist), operates with impunity and even got his PR application expedited — much to the chagrin, as you can imagine, of people who had to wait 30 YEARS for theirs to get approved.

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