like, the spouse and I had a pretty big fight over taxes and getting things done because of a misunderstanding, and after we cuddled and decided we both needed a shower, and things got steamy, and… child numero uno walked in. just… pushed the bathroom door and walked in.

they're used to our nudity, at least. you'd be, too. it's a fucking hot country, man! also, gwailos take off their clothes all their time around here. *we* just do it in the privacy of our own homes.

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children, nudity 

they literally went, “Mummy daddy what u doin?” and we both said, without a beat, “We're bathing, $child_numero_uno!”

They then proceeded to leave the room, and BRING IN CHILD NUMERO DOS.

by that point the spouse was already finishing up the soaping while I was “willing the flesh to go down”, so to speak.

And people wonder why we don't have any more kids.

Not that we want any, judging by how pregnancy messes up the spouse.

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that being said, three-day weekends aren't anymore moments of rest for the spouse and I. By the end of it I was so tired I decided to forgo making lunch and breakfast, I was falling-down tired.

it's partly the weather, too. humidity is so damn high that it just sucks out the energy of you if you don't sit in air-conditioning.

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