I'm surprised that the thing I made more than a year ago is still alive and has grown a bit. I was affraid they wouldn't survive the winter.

Media coverage on a research project that I contributed to about the 2018 spring and summer drought. I wasn't living in Europe until after the summer of 2018, so I didn't have to experience the associated heatwave. 😅


On a random column in Ulm Minster is this unholy and crudely painted mural of two people being tortured. One with his guts being spooled out and the other appears to be having her teeth pulled. I'm accustomed to seing Jesus crucified in churches, but without any more information this seems out of place. Anyone out there in the void know the story here?

The mindset of Gothic masonry: "everything must have several pairs of testicles".

I just discovered Blitzortung.de while browsing f-droid. It has a cool app. It's pushing my nerd buttons quite hard. Here is the storm that hit Munich yesterday.

I nearly forgot. I did another one of those silly science journal articles a while ago.

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation's effect on summer heatwave development mechanisms in Australia


Muon tomographer in Lousal mine/science centre, Alcoutim.

Oktoberfest is just a few hundred metres from where I live, so there are a lot of drunk people walking past my apartment building. As one such group passed by one of them yelled "Jaaaa!", which sounded almost exactly like the Wilhelm scream.

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Wow, this sums up a lot of my feelings about modern technology.

Why is everything slow? Why does software grow and use more resources but not deliver more performance?


The same BS rhetoric the US uses to justify mass shootings 

How does one automatically kill people in an "orderly and therefore naturally less destructive fashion"? Isn't that an oxymoron?

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The same BS rhetoric the US uses to justify mass shootings 

Killer robots: Why banning autonomous weapons is not a good idea - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-08

Sports rant 

How is wearing spandex sports gear, while playing sport, disrespectful? The French Open officials need to to get their noses out of eachothers arses.

French Open says 'non' to Serena's 'superhero' catsuit sbs.com.au/news/french-open-sa

This is the radar monitor and control console used to track cyclone Tracy. I love the orange cathode ray tube. It pleases me. I wish I could have the chance to see some radar data on it.

I sometimes make maps on OpenStreetMap. I've been obsessed with golf courses recently. tile.openstreetmap.fr renders them quite nicely.

A few friends of mine put together a website that answers the question "Is it hot right now?" for various Australian cities. It's a great example of clear and effective communication of basic climate science.


The interconnect for the compute nodes is complicated. This was taken from the inside of a hot isle.

Each pod contains two rows of hardware separated by a hot isle, where the heat generated by the computer is dumped. It's warm in there.

There were 6 pods that contained the compute nodes. These were about 20m long each.

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