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Introducing the TinyNES: play classic NES games on open source hardware that fits in the palm of your hand.

Now accepting pre-orders through Crowd Supply:

We dusted off @cwebber 's old cartridges to play the TinyNES recently! Can you imagine how your 8 year old self would react to projecting video games the size of your wall, not to mention that your friend made it and you can tinker with it because it's open hardware?!

We recently got our hands on more flash carts, so here is the updated list of flash carts tested and working on the TinyNES:
- Krikzz EverDrive N8
- Krikzz EverDrive N8 Pro
- Krikzz EverDrive N8 Fami
- Krikzz EverDrive N8 Pro Fami
- Chinese "N8 Plus"

We’ve added Famicom expansion audio to the internal audio mix, and we’ve also added a separate TRRS 3.5 mm jack on the TinyNES!

Read more about this in our recent update:

We've designed two accessories for the TinyNES: an adapter so you can play original famicon carts and a cart latch which stabilizes and secures the cartridges. These can be used individually or stacked!

Read more here:

As the TinyNES campaign draws to a close, we're plugging along on prototyping, testing, starting production, and packaging!

Still 6 days left to place your pre-order:

We're in the home stretch of the TinyNES campaign! If you haven't placed your pre-order yet, you have a week left until Jan 27, 2022 at 03:59 PM PST.

We still have 108 genuine chip systems left and plenty of clone chip systems!

Due to popular demand (and other reasons outlined in the recent update), the TinyNES will have a USB-C jack instead of a barrel jack for power. It will include a USB-C wall adapter and a regular USB-C cable.

This is one of the benefits of a crowdfunding campaign. Since we're marketing the TinyNES before the units are produced, we can potentially incorporate feedback like this into the production design (within reason/ability/time constraints/resources/etc).

While we used the original chips for the TinyNES to keep that nostalgic feel, for other components we modernized the process. Read about how we replaced the traditional crystal clock system with an MEMS oscillator & other tweaks in the latest update:

We recently released a post to the crowd supply page outlining some design tweaks, procurement challenges, and the realities of making an open hardware project in the middle of both a chip shortage and a pandemic!

The original Nintendo Entertainment System sold for $89.99 in 1987. That would equal about $219 today, after adjusting for inflation, but we're selling the TinyNES for only $199! That's like a $20 discount for time-traveling into the future and getting the open-hardware version!

@cwebber Oh, yesterday when I got distracted by W*rdle breaking my home TL, I had actually come here to tell you it was on Liliputing.

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