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Ich habe ausfüllbare PDF gebaut für die Bildungsurlaubsanträge vom
@c3edu Berlin und Hamburg.
Ich bin leider zu unfähig das HMTL mit Hintergrundbild zu drucken, also habe ich es nachgebaut.

Does anybody of my followers have [experience with] DJI "drones"? I find the horrendous lag of sometimes up to 1,5s in the video feed unacceptable.

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spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

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I set up a pad for people looking for buying or selling @card10badge

...and have already put myself under "looking for" 🙋


It appears the barcelet is conductive and now my @card10badge is stuck in the bootloader. Hmpf, just after a succesful display transplant.

@card10badge how long are you there today? I think my top-board died and I'd like to come by, maybe we can do something with it

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I got my upgraded with a 3D printed case during the #card10workout at in Berlin today. Check out the schedule:
The team is here until Sunday! #CCCamp2019 #OHM2019


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Der EuGH hat entschieden:
Das Setzen von nicht unbedingt erforderlichen Cookies - also Tracking-Cookies, Third-Party-Cookies usw. - bedarf immer der aktiven Nutzereinwilligung.
Also nicht davon betroffen: Technisch erforderliche Cookies wie jene für Logins, Warenkorb, Sessions etc.

Viele Webseiten müssen ihren fadenscheinigen Cookie-Banner nun wohl überarbeiten. Prima.

A bit of eyecandy
"Crazy Helicopter Skills In The Best Rally Places | WRC 2019" on YouTube

I'm denying your pull request, you misgendered my variable in your fetlang code.

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