I'm getting real tired of web-quirks being solved by using Chrome instead of Firefox. The browser monopoly was tired the first time around.

It took me literal years to figure out the mechanics behind what got me fired.

Let my pain help you.

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My next job wasn't nearly that bad, but I brought all of my armor along with me and brought it to work.

What they were looking for:
A collaborator who will work with everyone to solve problems.

What they got:
A collaborator with strong opinions on what was good or bad, and was positively snarky about the opinions she thought were bad.

In short, I was an asshole. It was the only way to survive previous-job. Not this one.

I was fired.

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I say this as someone who thought she was doing just fine in what I thought was a merely kind of bad place.

Turns out I had encysted and armored up so far I hadn't noticed how terrible my workplace was. Goals didn't matter, the only emotions I cared about were my teammates and literally no one else. The only thing that really mattered was making sure my teammates could depend on me.

Worked for survival, but had consequences.

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A lot of people advocate against getting emotionally attached to work. However, under Capitalism you're going to spend a LARGE part of your life working. Your life will be overall better if work isn't a sucking pit of suck, or a mind-numbing time-passer until the weekend/evening.

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After decades in the tech industry and living through toxic workplaces, I can say with certainty that two things are wailing sirens of a workplace problem:

* Ignoring organizational goals because they don't matter.
* Complete emotional detachment.

These are survival techniques for maintaining psychological safety in a hostile environment. If you find yourself doing these, start asking why. Interrogate. Learn.

She rolled onto her back, the ring on her collar chiming that special way that made her eyes go soft. Some of the best engineering I've ever done, and I've enchanted flight-hardware for satellites. "Welcome back."

Her "Mmm" was muzzy, but she rolled towards me, throwing an arm across my hips as I sat up in bed. "Person," she said.

My eyes grew soft as I lifted her hair free of tangle. I was her Person. A gift I would be a lifetime paying back.

Except this year April Fools has been called of on account of no one having bandwidth for this foolishness during a pandemic. Which makes TDoV 2020 the first one I have any interest in.

The Day I Cracked Eggs.
2016, DevOpsDay Minneapolis. I was speaking on a stage in front of 750 people. I *know* I cracked at least one egg doing that, and know of two others who drew the confidence they needed to take another step.

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I'm taking this TDoV by taking a day off of work.

Not because of TDoV, that's coincidental. I'm merely a bit burnt out.

I don't usually do TDoV because by the time I'm up, it's April Fools somewhere and I have to shake my head at whoever thought 3/31 was a great day for this.

That was a beautiful breath-catch by there with Sophie.

Oh, that episode with Eliot and Alice was made of everything.

Blacklightning s3 e11 

So.... They totally did the child recruitment by the powerful story with Jin.

I'm 5 minutes into the first post-Crisis and I am here for everything. I hope this keeps up.

#supergirl B season spoilers 

So, Lex is GodKing, and the only one to stand between all right thinking people and Leviathan.

I was hoping I could do to Lex what I did to Diaz for the last half of his season: fast-forward through his scenes. May not be able to get away with that; not enough B-plot yet. Grr.

Short-haired Laurel2 is has developed into an awesome character I need to see more of.

"Weatherbug" was the way of the future: an app that polled an API every N minutes to get updates. We kind of knew that, but thought they were terribly irresponsible to build an app that way.

A hundred apps on your phone do that every minute now.

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