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Got an honorable-mention on the company HackWeek voting! Maybe my software-mechanicness has upgraded to engineer?

Those feels when the big hairy. process you just finished writing actually WORKS.

Meaning you now HAVE to tackle the shark-tank full of razor-blades.

When happened, my work JUST got new alphanumeric pagers. They had a news-push on them. That's how we all learned about it.

This problem has been with us since the beginning of my career.

I don't wanna touch that class. It's full of sharks, superglue, and spikes.

It's HackWeek(*) at work, and for the first time I have a project. I'm going to take the main app and graft on a brand new queuing system that doesn't make me want to throw things and burn everything to the ground.

Have I mentioned I've never programmed in that language before?

My hope is that by proving that one of the *software mechanics* in DevOps can make a thing go, they can FIX THE DAMNED THING FOR REAL.

* Actually 3 days, but shh.

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US Medical System:

People are API calls that carry one or more condition codes. Conditions are serviced according to an SLA with quotas.

Which you actually want. Because if you can certify new devices easy, you can guarantee that griefers are going to find ways to lock you out of your own home through that channel.

And as with all physical devices attached to software, the actual hardware will need to be replaced more often than Ye Olde Bumpkey-proof Deadbolte. That leads to resentment.

It also means handing your keys over to the new owners when you sell is a very different thing than passing over a key-ring with 9 keys on it. Forget that handoff, and the new owners will have to rip everything out completely and buy new.

Once you've centralized to that degree, it becomes a worth-while target for hackers. Both to hack the central PACs system, and for malware once they hose a system on the same WiFi network. Mobile malware will start looking for those apps and sucking your 'keys'.

Then there is the physical layer. In an office context, you have security keeping everything up on firmware. In home, you don't always (it'll have to be auto-updates, with all the risk that brings)

I have a REAL hard time getting behind in-home physical-access-control tech going app (and the required wifi + smartphone that go with it).

PACs in the office? Totally. That's exactly the kind of centrally controlled security system that could take advantage of the benefits of that model.

In-home? Not so much. You're in essence linking to the (ex.) Shlage PACs system. In theory, that could be even more secure than your office. However...

Their fight-choreography this season has leveled up. It's a joy to watch sometimes.

Also, I want her costume-jacket.

Dinah Drake, on the current Arrow show, is the closest Black Canary to the Black Canary I hold dear in DC Comics.

I have a feeling I'll end up boosting this once a week until the close of the Impeachment trial.

My senator, US war-vet, doesn't like what she sees with regards to Korea and a certain media obsessed President of ours.

The cynic in me is convinced that if Mueller gets too close, said President will start a little war to distract everyone.

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oh jesus fucking christ this is the best description of humanity ever