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Tusky 2.0 on a tablet. It's nice that the column isn't smeared across the entire screen, but would rather have multi-column instead.

Ahahaah... Spent two good panels talking about worldbuilding. Yay.

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"a11y" i read "ally". i18n and l10n were mistakes as well. in crypticness to represent an idea that's barely better than random bytes

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@sysadmin1138 oohhh, ohhh, I'll guess.

Olly (skateboarding?)
Internationalization (the only one I actually know)
Kates (kates what?)

Also, Dayjob is kind of boggled that Europeans *really* prefer A4 over Letter.

Letter is a standard! Why wouldn't they want that?


I believe I've found my pettiest-hill-to-die-on


As identifiers these are objectively terrible. They're only good if you're tired of typing the full words out.

Even with such a court the other two branches of government can do a lot:

An expanded/renewed Voting Rights Act.

Explicit updates to Title IX.

Improved defenses in ADA.

Removal of federal funding to 'pregnancy' clinics that don't mention abortion as an option.

While the liberal wing has lost the court for a generation, the other branches are responsive to public opinion.

A US SCOTUS moving to expansive views on religious exemption and free speech will make a lot of things harder. It will not find new meaning in older legislation. These views will make it much easier to codify legal discrimination affecting disliked minorities.

It will also greatly remove the 'one person, one voice' idea in favor of 'one dollar, one voice', and corporate personhood.

It will enable further weakening of the ADA w/o defensive legislation.

'defensive legislation', remember that.

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It took crushing on my first guy to notice the difference. When crushing on a girl, there was a faint coda of, "I'll never look that good," that wasn't there with the guys.

That inspired some questions in addition to the "how not-straight am I" set.

WTF Germany. That goal saved your ass. May it light the fire you need, and bury S. Korea on Wednesday.

Book 3 means adding a few nodes to the family trees. It's nice if the babies have names.

Clearly Director Alex needs a cracker-jack organizer working with her. That would be Sam.

I know this is a defensive measure, but I'm getting tired of being hungry.

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Alex, coparent with Sam. You're welcome.

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Apparently Katie McGrath always signs Kara/Lena stuff like this.

#Supergirl #SuperCorp #Karlena

That could make an interesting triangle between Alex, Sam, and Lena.