I see managed to link the FlashForward timeline and the present one at last.

The "it only takes a majority for the Senate to have a secret ballot for the impeachment conviction" thing is only slightly less far-fetched than the "if we flip enough electors we can prevent his presidency". That will be a roll-call vote.

"Measles makes your body forget how to fight other diseases" -- Fun technologies in this one, amongst the terror of anti-vaxxors.

Oh, . Lena hasn't atomized the bridge in vengeance, so there is still hope she can reconcile with her OTP. Also, more accent-slips *swoon*

Got a weird notification today with dollars and asterisks in it, so immediately went into hunt-the-hacker mode.

No, it was just

Don't know what I think about the wallet aspect, but doesn't surprise me that encryption-nerds might have a weak-spot for online currencies.

Grrar. The good sunscreen is now on the Allergy list, so backup-sunscreen got deployed for this bike-ride. 20 miles later imma pretty burned on my shoulders.

Something in firefox really doesn't like how DNS works on my home network. IPv6 sites work fine. But anything IPv4-only can't be resolved (or so says the error-message). Turning on the Cloudflare DNS thingy fixes it, but makes it a bit slower overall.

Wish there was a way to figure out what that was about. DHCPv4 is publishing a DNS host, and radvd is publishing one too. Maybe firefox doesn't like that?

Two things about the finale.

1: Somehow, even though she's the Big Bad, I'm still TeamAmiko.

2: Can't help but think that the black-and-red colorscheme for Amiko is a foreshadow of next season.

Robot Spider Girl Ref Sheet, Includes elements of TF and Hypnokink, and visible mechanical junk, also she's adorable and I love this design 

#supergirl spoilers 

Lena having to put up with her toxic waste family is... Aching.

What opinions do y'all have about ProtonMail? My oldest email account-provider is shutting down, and I need to maintain a non-google/ms option.

Maple blossoms aren't showy, but they deserve to be recognized. #florespondence

One of these months/years I need to migrate my blog off of an old version of MovableType and onto something, um, modern. And with a responsive theme.

There are days when I *dearly* want to put Chrome into a cgroup or something so I can put a hard RAM limit on it. Much as you so desperately want to be, you are not _actually_ my operating system. Other programs need resources too. Play nice.

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