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R/W Replica:
Sipping fruity drink, enjoying the nice relaxing day.

R/O Replica:
Shouting, 'She canna take much more, captain!'

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Are you based in #London (or willing to relocate)?

It turns out the company I work for is aggressively #hiring software testers to fill our #QA ranks.

Get in touch for details!

(or boost, of you're so inclined) 🚀

This outline doesn't want to get nailed down. There are several ways this can go:
- full trial
- plea based on Thing 1
- plea based on Plot B
- flee due to angry god.
None of them work well.

Sleep is for the weak, it would seem. Will have to do something about that.

Put new toner on the laserprinter, suddenly everything is more black and less gray. AMAZING.

Spring is looming. Somewhat mixed feelings about that (allergies), but looking forward.

Idly speculating how to get to Düsseldorf from here. SRECon EMEA is there this year.

I'd love to present at more conferences, but my topics only sort of fit your standard software conference.

- Getting Observability out of your monitoring system.
- Making on-call suck less.
- Dealing with immigrants from pathological cultures in your standup team.

That thing where the storage tub chips into the food and you find it when you chew.

Job Title: Plot-bunny herder

- Keep bunnies from escaping to disturb sleep.
- Skill at arranging bunnies into groups that tell a coherent story.
- Skill at managing wild pop-up plot-bunnies, through short-stories or outlines.

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Not exactly joking. I picked up a button at a SF con as a kid with that phrase on it.

I realize some folk think this is a tasteless stunt, but this is a moment of beauty I enjoyed.

Charles Stross on Where Is My Damned Speculative SF


Your Space Opera Makes No Damned Sense.

Warm sea-salt lime brownies.

Working from home is the best.

. @scalzi has put up a review of the PixelBook from google, confirming that this is indeed a device that is my jam.

One caveat, though. The thing is a 12" device, which is bigger than the Pixel C I have (with nifty keyboard). The C will fit into my purse, which matters at conventions and conferences, since I can take notes REALLY EASILY. A 12" means a bigger purse (meh) or a backpack (meh).

Happily, I have a year or two left on the C to see what's coming next!

Bother bother.

Do I stay with OpenSUSE Leap or move to Tumbleweed at last?

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