There is a iced-custard shop near here. Seasonal, because its hard to sell that kind of thing when its freezing out there. They have a special right now, a Tall Dark and Handsome. Dk. chocolate custard, carmel, and hardshell. It's amazing.

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Well. That certainly looks like most of an outline. That's a relief. Only one pandemic.

They also have a section on Smallpox, but it's very wee. Probably because the last time they handled a case was before electronic records, and measles happens a couple times a year.

OMG just found the public health manual for (US state), in which they describe the procedures to slow the spread of a measles outbreak. This writer is very happy now.

Lindt outlet store. The pumpkin spice truffle is amazing.

Doing "Canadian Thanksgiving" instead of the usual date for our area is definitely mixed. On the plus side, it's not a holiday weekend attached to the biggest shopping days of the year, so we don't feel guilty for participating in crass commercialism. On the minus side, time off is harder for some of the family.

ICYMI: Here is a link to "Negative Monument," a speculative proposal, practical intervention, and anti-monumental gesture.

The project is an open invitation to engage in the participatory yet imperceptible negation of a monument:

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That thing where you're questioning the mortality rate of a disease.

So.... watched parts of the American Gods series. I particularly don't like them taking, "It's all about blood in the end," and running with it the way they have. It can be splatter-punk. I'm OK with splatter-punk in the right circumstances, but this isn't it.

Maybe next year I'll make it to an . I've tried twice to get a talk accepted. May have to break down and scrounge the cash to pay full fare.

And now, family trees. Because this next story will have vasty relatives in it. This will be a challenge, since I definitely don't have vasty relatives, and neither does my wife. But I had friends who did, and they change things.

Especially when you're on any of the queer axis.

Today it's a high of 75. The next 5 or so days will be in the low 90's. This is your mid-continental temperate zone right here.

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