Just now tested my pcb for the Lorenz attractor (based on Paul Horowitz' circuit). youtu.be/22z6oUdtNgg


Soldered in the first switch. It stopped working. Desoldered it with great effort. Now does not run reliably. So on the pcb it's not behaving any better than the breadboard.

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Which is kind of astonishing, really. Logic would suggest one of the ICs, but I really don't know what its problem is.

Had to replace the two expensive multipliers, but the circuit has other problems. Even worse than the breadboard, really, though there is no sign the pcb is incorrect.

@alexisvl Not sure I killed one. There's really nothing in this circuit that could kill them. I'll test them again on a breadboard today and find out.

OK, the multipliers are apparently fine. Not sure how to proceed with the pcb though…

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