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Weekend mornings are for drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

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it is really smokey outside. I am so glad for my fancy air filter and inhaler. And glad I don't have to go outside today.

Look what my mom found in the bottom of the feed barrel this morning.

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Found a shady spot in the park near my house - so much cooler than the apartment and next to a lovely fushia in full flower.

Reading a manuscript from a labmate and trying to ignore the teenage asshole berating his girlfriend and the smell of dogshit. Dogs are cute and all, but too many dog owners don't clean up shit.

SEND ICE PACKS. If I don't survive, blame global warming.


trains are the best way to get around that is not walking, biking, or riding the ferry.

I went to Kew and my botanist heart is very happy.

So this was my first time eating fonio. it's not bad, but not great either. it reminds me a bit of crickets actually. I think it would be better in a savory nutbread with lots of spices than in pancakes.

pancakes salvaged with addition of a bit of soda and regular milk!

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