I took a bunch of housewares and books to the thrift store yesterday and got a bunch of new plant pots for my new house . Look at this Hoya in its pretty white pot!

Snow on the mountain, hot tea, sunrise beneath cloud layer sets ships gleaming in the strait.

Good morning all!

Good morning lovely people!

the clouds are thick and low offer the inlet, but sparse out to the ocean. The last pink of sunrise is being chased over the western horizon by the milky blue of the morning.

I'm going to walk to the library today to return by . A difficult and imperfect book, but one I believe would improve politics and relationships if more people read it.

I got a new fern today, Hemionitis arifolia. I like it.

SUPERGIRL is outside my house with some other superheroes I don’t really care about.

Filming outside my apartment today. It's either for Arrow or The Murders. passed some friendly set up folks on my walk this morning. Sometimes they are really grumpy and I have to be like "I live here and I'm trying to go to the grocery store stop glaring at me"

This afternoon’s hot beverage is eggnog hot cocoa.

Next up on the list is a couple errands. I’m picking up a few groceries the online delivery didn’t have, then dropping by the library. It’s my turn to read Gathering Moss and I’m so excited. I started it several months ago and had to return it before I was done. It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to sit down and finish it.

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Weekend mornings are for drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

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