Do know any good resources on how to create a good gym workout plan?

My goal is overall fitness, not poeye arms or a beach figure. My level of gym knowledge is “I know what most fitness devices do, but never really used them” 😄

Boosts appreciated.
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@inhji lift like a girl has some good plans

@susannah @inhji be honest with yourself. If your knowledge is really 0. Join a gym for a month or two. There are basic positions that you cannot learn from videos. Even if several fitness influencers make it look easy using a mirror, for the beginning your form HAS to be right. Or if you know a good physio therapist who would be willing to coach you.

Start slow.. even if you think starting with 2 or 3 kg weights is frustrating. Get your form correct, don't forget stretching! It's a marathon.

@Kzad_Bhat @susannah Thanks a lot for being blunt and honest! I have signed up for a gym and was offered an introductory course at a discount, which I will probably take, especially after what you said.
I also was looking into doing workout without any devices, but yeah, starting from scratch with only books and videos does not seem right.

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