Once I gave a presentation on Mars Robots to 6 years and heavily anthropomorphized the robots. Then one of them asked when the robots would come home.

As the shock and horror spread across their faces, I realized that I had not adequately prepared for this lesson.

@susannah I thought it was really interesting that one of Perseverence's first tweets on Mars called it "my forever home" and I did wonder if this was like expectation management for kids.

@susannah TBH I'm a full grown adult and sometimes I cry about the Mars rovers. Especially the rover singing happy birthday to itself all alone on a distant planet.

@susannah You must have seen this:

Have to admit, it makes me sad, and then I think the same as one of the other commenters here:

"They are home, one day people will go visit them."

@susannah "The robots moved out to Mars to make it their home. If you study hard and exercise, you might get to visit them when you grow up."

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