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I know I’ve asked this before but I still can’t figure it out.

How do you get the federated timeline to stop updating out from under you while you’re reading it?

I thought the trick was to scroll down and then up a little after switching to the fed tab, but that’s not working for me (in safari, on phone).

I feel really annoyed and frustrated. There shouldn’t have to be a weird scrolling trick to make the federated timeline readable.

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@susannah I believe the answer lies in your Prefences: Appearance - "Slow Mode" will do the trick. It'll then queue any updates behind a little tab at the top of the column "n new item", which you can then tap to receive those updates.

And, if spending a few currency units is an option, Toot! is a good iOS client, which doesn't auto-update.

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@susannah you may need to do this on a desktop browser: in Settings, go to Appearance and check the box 'Slow mode'. This will stop timeline updates from automatically appearing. A timeline will now say "X new items" at the top and you just click that to load the new stuff.

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@quokka The desktop browser component was what I was missing! Thanks :)

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